Update: Fire in Leyland

Photo: David Hurst'Scene of a fire on a Lancashire Enterprise Business Park, Leyland
Photo: David Hurst'Scene of a fire on a Lancashire Enterprise Business Park, Leyland
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ROADS around Leyland near the scene of a massive blaze are still closed hours as 60 firefighters continued to battle one of the worst fires in the area in years.

Wheelton Lane and Centurion Way were closed earlier this morning while traffic was slow moving on Stanifield Lane as they try to control the fire at Lancashire Enterprise Business Park, off Centurion Way.

It is believed a fireball engulfed a warehouse at 5.20pm on Wednesday night at H Parkinson Haulage and a Bowker storage unit was raised to the ground along with three other unnamed buildings.

At its height, 150 firefighters battled the blaze which could be seen billowing throughout the area.

Amazingly, no-one has been injured but the West Coast Mainline was closed during the night after concerns beer barrels were exploding and flying out from the inferno.

A police spokesman said Centurion Way and Wheelton Lane, Leyland, remained closed at 9am on Thursday but people could access some of the businesses on foot.

John Hampson, crew manager at Preston fire station who attended the blaze, said: “It was a big fire, we got reasonably close so we could put water on the fire.

“It was a big fire buy nothing out of the ordinary on respect that we occasionally get ones like this.”

Police evacuated much of the business park and many of the businesses and offices in the area, including Jubilee House NHS Central Lancashire, were closed today.

Leyland Leisure Centre was put on alert to take in residents from up to 80 homes within the vicinity of the blaze.

Rail services have also been suspended.

Up to 20 fire crews from across Lancashire are at the scene which is believed to be the biggest blaze in the county this year. A cordon of around half a mile around the site has been set up.

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