Vibrations ‘were like earthquake’

Elliott Hall and Adele Robertson with the children Lucas and Lacie on their driveway adjacent to the building site in Leyland
Elliott Hall and Adele Robertson with the children Lucas and Lacie on their driveway adjacent to the building site in Leyland
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A dad-of-two has told how his young daughter escaped serious injury by inches when “earthquake”-like vibrations from a next door building site sent ornaments crashing to the floor.

Elliott Hall, 28, was visiting his two children Lucas, two, and nine-month-old Lacie, at their mother Adele Robertson’s home in Cleveland Road, Leyland.

Developers Rowland Homes are involved in a housing development nearby.

Landscape gardener Mr Hall says the company warned them there could be some noise on a particular day last month.

But he claims the reality was much worse – and when work started the vibrations were so bad the house shook and ornaments were sent crashing. He said the vibrations were like an earthquake.

One vase with inch-thick glass smashed to the floor just inches from where young Lacie was playing in the living room.

Angry Mr Hall asked for an apology from the firm and said they should also stump up for the broken vase.

He claims he was told by the site office that the work was within noise limits and a letter he wrote to the company was ignored.

He said: “I was round visiting the children and there was a report the day before that there would be some noise the day after.

“There was basically a loud vibration to the point of the windows vibrating, everything was vibrating.

“A vase came off which had only been bought the day before by Adele’s stepmother.

“It literally just missed my daughter. The only reason she moved away (from where it fell) was because of the vibration.

“I ran to the site office and was shaking I was that mad.”

But he says he was told the work did not breach noise measurements on the company’s equipment. I said what has noise got to do with vibrations,” he added.

“Children should be able to play in the front room without the risk of fatal accidents. She is nine months old, it could easily have been fatal.

“For them not even to apologise, it was quite sickening.

“Even if they had just said, ‘I’m sorry,’ I would still have been annoyed but I would have thought they didn’t know.

Rowland Homes has apologised to Mr Hall – and agreed to pay for the damaged ornament.

A spokesperson for Rowland Homes said: “We are currently undertaking work in the Cleveland Road area to transform the run-down Prestolite development into an appealing collection of homes.

“Within our duty of care, as a responsible developer and good neighbour, we informed local residents that we were undertaking vibration ground improvements.

“We sincerely regret any concerns we may have caused the family who have complained and we would like to take this opportunity to apologise once again. As soon as we were informed, work stopped and we undertook tests, which established any vibrations were within allowed tolerances, before we recommenced

“We have apologised to both parties concerned, and, as a gesture of goodwill, we have offered to reimburse the family for their broken vase.

“This is an isolated issue and we have not received any comments from other residents and we hope to minimise any inconvenience to those who live close to the development in future. “