War memorial vandals made to clear up graffiti

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Two yobs who defaced a Leyland war memorial have been given a taste of their own medicine - thanks to the Guardian.

The cowardly teenagers were named and shamed by a shocked parent who was disgusted to hear the yobs had scrawled over the memorial on Moss Lane, outside St Ambrose Church.

The graffiti sparked an angry backlash among the community after being featured in the Guardian.

Leyland police and South Ribble Borough Council launched an immediate investigation and after the Guardian forwarded on some fresh information from a parent, the duo were tracked down.

The 13 and 14-year-old made 'full and frank admissions' about what they'd done before being made to clean up the graffiti last Friday.

PCSO Carl Dixon, of Leyland Police, said: "If it wasn't for the appeal in the Guardian we probably would not have got the information needed to find the people who did the damage, so a big thank you goes out to the paper.

"Hopefully now these youths will have learned a valuable lesson out of this whole thing and won't be doing it again."

To read more on this story pick up a copy of this week's Guardian.