Waste site cash put to public

Coun Mike Otter
Coun Mike Otter

Farington residents will soon be asked how they would like ‘compensation’ cash to be spent in the area, after suffering years of bad odours from a nearby waste plant.

Lancashire County Council, which jointly runs the Farington Waste Technology Park with Global Renewables, will hand out £100,000 to be spent in the community.

It was confirmed in September last year that the money would be provided from deductions in the council’s payments to the waste giant, as a result of the company not fulfilling its obligations after the smells continued to linger on for years.

It was described as a 
‘gesture of good will’.

But only now are things starting to progress, and a meeting was held last week to decide the best way forward.

Coun Mike Otter, who is part of the committee group along with a representative from South Ribble Council and a handful of residents, said: “We have this fund available and we want to spend it wisely.

“There’s no time limit in which we need to use it by, so we really didn’t want to rush into anything.

“There has been a delay in getting people involved, but our priority now is trying to make sure that something good comes out of all this.”

He added: “The meeting went well and the group has decided to post leaflets to all of the residents in Farington, telling them how they can come forward with suggestions of how the money should be spent.

“We want it to benefit the whole community.”

Tim Carter, who set up the Residents Against Waste Site action group, as is also part of the new committee, said: “Things have been moving slowly, but we need to get this right. It’s a small measure of compensation for the people who have been affected.”

Chimneys at the waste plant are currently being increased in height in the hope that this will send the smells higher into the atmosphere.

Ideas about how the cash should be spent will be discussed at the next community liaison meeting at the site, which is on December 10.