‘We need crossing on danger road’

Stanifield Lane, opposite Farington Park
Stanifield Lane, opposite Farington Park
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Campaigners fear it will take a tragedy before safety measures are introduced on a busy Leyland road.

Councillor Paul Wharton, who represents Farington East ward on South Ribble Council, said he had been contacted by a number of residents expressing concerns about the dangers of crossing Stanifield Lane to get to the park.

One resident said it is so busy, it takes them ‘ten minutes to cross the road with a pram and a dog’.

He said following recent investment by South Ribble Borough Council, Farington Park had become more popular than ever.

Councillor Wharton, who organised the petition, said: “The park is becoming increasingly more popular, and I have concerns over the safety of children crossing the road due to speeding and no safe place to cross.

“Lancashire Police have been great by conducting road enforcement checks on speeding, but this still leaves the issue of a safe crossing place.

“I have contacted Lancashire County Council, however they state that there is no demand for a crossing - a point I completely disagree with.”

He added; “The residents are really concerned.

“We’ve been wanting this for well over a year now.

“Lancashire County Council say they’ve done a survey, but there’s no requirement for a crossing. We completely disagree.”

He said plans to introduce a new outdoor gym at the park would attract even more visitors to the leisure facility.

He said: “It’s not just the safety of children, it’s the elderly because we have a lot of grandparents who take their children to the park.”

He said he feared it may take a tragic accident before action is taken.

“Unfortunately, yes,” he said. “We’ve also got the issue of speeding on Stanifield Lane. That’s being addressed, thanks to the police, but with that and children dodging between parked cars, it’s not a good mix.”

The online petition has attracted 117 names so far.

Comments from residents include:

Janet Singleton: “My parents live opposite the park. They along with others take their lives in their hands trying to cross this road.”

Duncan Clarke: “We need this crossing before a child is killed.”

Emma Daggers: “My children use the park a lot and nieces and nephew. The road is a busy one, so a crossing will make it much safer for us when going to the park to play.”

Anonymous: “Definitely in need of a crossing. It can take me ten minutes to cross with a pram and a dog on a daily basis as it gets very busy and no cars ever stop to allow crossing.”

Paul Dobson: “Thanks for this, trying to spread the word, as the traffic mixed with horrendous parking is an accident waiting to happen . . . hopefully this will happen before someone gets hurt.”

A spokesman for Lancashire County Council said: “We have previously carried out surveys to assess the feasibility of a pedestrian crossing on Stanifield Lane, however there were not enough pedestrian movements to justify providing a facility.

“A number of highway improvements are proposed to improve access to the Cuerden strategic development site, and new pedestrian/cycle crossings on Stanifield Lane are a feature of the pre-planning application discussions, with the details to be agreed as part of the planning process.”

The petition can be found by visiting councillor Wharton’s Facebook at FB.com/CllrPaul or by visiting: www.gopetition.com/petitions/n ew-crossing-to-access-farington-park-off-stanifield-lane.html