What has happened to park’s duck pond?

Visitors to Leyland's Worden Park are complaining about the state of the duck pond
Visitors to Leyland's Worden Park are complaining about the state of the duck pond

Visitors to Leyland’s award-winning Worden Park are kicking up a stink about the ‘sorry state’ of the duck pond.

Families who used to feed the ducks have expressed their disappointment that some of the pond has dried up and looks more like a swamp now.

Voicing their anger on the Leyland Memories Facebook page, people are calling for South Ribble Council to sort the problem out, describing the ‘neglected’ pond as looking ‘dreadful’ and a ‘mess’.

The council has now told the Guardian that plans are in place to restore the pond to its former glory - but only when funds become available.

Web user Michael Bennett wrote: “I remember when it used to be about four feet deep and there was a ‘no fishing’ sign on it.

“The only sign it needs now is one that says ‘no fish in’ but you can tell that by looking at it. It only looks a shadow of its former self these days.”

Carrie Woo added: “It is a shame. You go to Astley Park and they have a beautiful pond.

“Even Stannings and Shrugs Wood is in better shape. It’s such a shame, the kids used to love going over to feed the ducks.”

Annie Rodgers Livesey said: “They should use this opportunity to clean it and make some changes, try to get more wildlife there.

“It’s the same old with them - if it costs money let’s leave it until it’s really bad and then just fill it in.”

Dorothy Bates wrote: “I don’t no how the park keeps getting its prestigious awards for best park and all the money they say is being spent on it, the council needs to address the ugly pond site and bring it back to what it was when we were kids.

“It was a lovely area to sit and have a picnic round and enjoy the wildlife around it.”

Susan Eckersley wrote: “There have been so many improvements around the park surely the renovation of the ditches and watercourses and ultimately the pond would be the cherry on the cake?”

South Ribble Council has not received any complaints about the pond, but the cabinet member for neighbourhoods and street scene, Coun Peter Mullineaux, said: “Unfortunately, due to natural leaf fall and the erosion of the banks, the fish pond in Worden Park has started to naturally infill with silt, as all ponds tend to do overtime.

“We are aware of the issue and plans are in place to dredge the pond to restore the depth of the water, rebuild the banks and islands and create a new boardwalk there to bring it back to its best.

“Our focus however does have to be on completing works that are classed as urgent due to health and safety.

“The pond will refill naturally with a change in the weather and we will ensure we start the improvements as soon as funding becomes available.”