‘When will hole in living room ceiling be repaired?’

Richard Walmsley and the damaged ceiling in his Leyland flat
Richard Walmsley and the damaged ceiling in his Leyland flat
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A tenant whose ceiling fell through two months ago says he’s growing increasingly frustrated that nothing has been done to fix it.

Unemployed Richard Walmsley, 39, lives in the ground floor flat of a Progress Housing Association property in Teal Close, Leyland.

But after a pipe burst above his flat in June and his ceiling caved in, he claims he’s ‘getting nowhere’ and feels he’s being ‘fobbed off’.

“Every time I walk under it, I think ‘is this going to land on my head?’ he said.

“It was two months ago when the pipe burst and a big chunk of my living room ceiling fell in.

“It was 4am and there was water everywhere.

“I don’t have house or contents insurance, and it’s ruined my flooring and my wallpaper – I’d just redecorated and there’s plaster board spattered all over the walls now. My leather settee and throws got drenched.

“I’d also just bought a new TV but luckily that was at the other side of the room so it wasn’t damaged.”

He contacted New Progress but says it’s been a ‘nightmare’ and the issue still hasn’t been resolved.

“I feel fobbed off,” he said. “I’ve still got a hole in the ceiling and plaster board hanging off.

“They’ve said there might be asbestos so they’re doing reports, but it’s just one thing after another.

“I’m sat here with a big hole in my ceiling and I feel like I’m getting nowhere.

“They’ve said it will be another few weeks yet before it’s sorted, but we’ll be getting to three months by the end of August.

“It’s an absolute joke. It’s been a real nightmare.”

Richard said this isn’t the first time he’s experienced this problem.

“Earlier this year, the exact same thing happened in my kitchen,” he said. “My ceiling came in after a flood.

“It took about two months that time to sort out – and now we’re back going through it all over again.”

Eric Tamanis, executive director of business development and property services at Progress Housing Group, said: “We endeavour to meet or exceed our repairs service standards in all instances.

“We also encourage feedback, both positive and negative, and whenever someone is concerned about the service that they have received, we will work closely with them to understand the issue and seek a resolution.”