Who is the mystery Lancashire writer sending poems to hair salons?

Hairdresser Clare Harper with one of the poems.  Picture by FRANK REID
Hairdresser Clare Harper with one of the poems. Picture by FRANK REID
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A hairdresser has become the latest recipient of uplifting poems by a mystery man dubbed the Banksy of poetry.

Clare Harper, who runs Raffaele in Hartlepool, was surprised to receive three of the upbeat but unsolicited poems in the last couple of weeks.

Written by silver pen on black card, each are signed by Mark Jones, and was posted to her from Lancashire.

Clare has become the latest in a long line of hairdressers from all over the UK who have received similar verses through their letter boxes.

In 2011, Victoria Cunningham received poems also penned by mysterious Mark at Salon 7 in Leyland.

Clare said: “At first I didn’t know what to make of it because nothing came with them.

“I put his name into Google and apparently quite a few hairdressers all over the country have received them.

“They seem to be spread far and wide but there is no actual information on the person who is writing them.”

Stylists from Somerset to Sunderland have all received similar verses, all hand-written on black card.

All end with the lines ‘keep your chin up’ and ‘keep smiling’.

Those received by Clare, 48, carry themes of bravery, love for a woman and one seeking to answer the question ‘What’s it all about?’.

She has already framed one and put it on display.

They have certainly proved a talking point among customers at Raffaele and put a smile on Clare’s face.

She added: “They are quite uplifting and make us smile.

“It is good to have something nice come rather than bills.

“It is getting that we are waiting for the next one.”

While the writer seems to favour hairdressing salons other recipients have also included churches and hotels.

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