‘Why did my lover try to kill me?’

Attack victim, Sandra Cheadle
Attack victim, Sandra Cheadle

A MUM who was repeatedly knifed in the neck and chest by her former lover has told how she feared she would bleed to death before reaching hospital.

In the few horrifying seconds which left Sandra Cheadle fighting for life, she was stabbed in the neck, chest and arm by her former partner Andrew Bailey, after breaking off the relationship.

As Bailey, 42, of Meanygate, Bamber Bridge, begins an 18-year jail term for her attempted murder, Mrs Cheadle, 43, today spoke for the first time of her battle to rebuild her life.

The mum-of-four, who works as a carer, had been walking on the A6 in Bamber Bridge on the way to a client’s home, when Bailey emerged from an underpass with a kitchen knife and tried to kill her.

She said: “I was thinking I was going to die.

“I remember thinking I hope I can get to hospital in time.”

Mrs Cheadle had been in an ‘on and off’ relationship with Bailey since November 2010, and had at one stage been engaged to marry him. She first got to know him after acting as a carer for his grandmother.

But she ended the relationship after receiving a text message from him, which said he had cheated on her.

As she was trying to move on from his betrayal, he attacked her on October 13 last year in a brutal assault which lasted only seconds, but has left her with a lifetime of pain.

She said: “I don’t really talk to anybody now. I don’t go out much and when I do, I always have somebody with me.

“I used to enjoy my job, I hope I can go back to it because I loved it, and I feel it has been taken away from me.”

With the help of her four children, Amy, 20, Ashley, 18, Megan, 16, and Liam, 15, Mrs Cheadle is attempting to rediscover her love of life.

But she says the ease with which he carried out the daylight attack has left her “scared of the world”.

“It is a stress and panic, I get good days and bad days, but I think it is just the outside world that scares me”, she said.

“I have panic alarms in my hand bag and a panic alarm in my pocket.

“I have not used one, but it is nice to know I have got them. I always have one of my children with me when I am going out.”

Mrs Cheadle first got to know Bailey when she was caring for his late grandmother Teresa Turner, a “lovely woman” who lived in Bamber Bridge.

Bailey caught her eye when she learned he would buy shopping for elderly neighbours.

She said: “It was during visits to his grandmother that I met him.

“He used to go shopping for his neighbours who were elderly. I thought he was very caring and I think with me doing what I do, I thought you do not get many men who will go out their way and go shopping for the elderly. I was fooled.”

During his trial at Preston Crown Court, Mrs Cheadle gave evidence behind a screen and refused to look at him as he was sentenced last week.

But she said she has still been left with one burning question.

“The only thing I want to know is why”, she said.