Wind turbine plans for Leyland farm

Eind power: A 15m high turbine could be built on Dunkirk Lane
Eind power: A 15m high turbine could be built on Dunkirk Lane
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New plans have been submitted for a wind turbine on greenbelt farm land in Leyland.

The plan, for a 15m-high turbine on Dunkirk Lane, Moss Side, is the latest in a number of similar applications in the area.

Developers say the scheme is needed to cut down emissions and power the farm now and in the future.

It has been submitted by Cheshire-based Renewable Solutions UK on behalf of the landowners.

They said the turbine will be 100m from the nearest home and the location has been chosen because it is as far as possible from the nearest road, while still being practical for the farm.

They say the distance from the road will make it hard to view.

In planning documents, agent Mike Lowes said: “The turbine size has been chosen to help contribute to the current and future energy needs of the client, and no more.

“The site is in an open location and will benefit from a good, unimpeded wind resource.

“The client has access to much larger turbines, which would have proved a better investment, but would have had larger visual impact.

“He instead chose to select a size of unit that best helped offset his own on-site consumption, and no more.”

One neighbour, living on Pintail Close, said: “I feel that a wind turbine of this scale would be out of place with its semi-rural surroundings and spoil the local countryside.

“I am also concerned that the turbine is likely to cause considerable noise pollution in what is a quiet and peaceful part of the borough.”

Four people have written to object.

It will be decided by South Ribble Council whether to allow the plans to go ahead in the coming months.

The Guardian recently reported how United Utilities also wants to build a 79-metre high wind turbine at its Wastewater Treatment Works site off Emnie Lane, near Leyland Lane.

That is also set to be decided upon by the council’s planning committee.

Earlier this month the council threw out plans for four turbines on land at Chestnut House Farm, Little Hoole.

Last year they rejected plans for an 11ft turbine in Parker Lane, Whitestake, and a 60ft turbine at Flag Lane in Penwortham.

The decisions were appealed and the three applications will now be considered by government planning inspectors.