Woman, 65, in dog bite attack

Andrew Mears from Bamber Bridge whose mum Valerie and his dogs Jasper and Wesley were attacked by three dogs during a walk
Andrew Mears from Bamber Bridge whose mum Valerie and his dogs Jasper and Wesley were attacked by three dogs during a walk

A pensioner has been left with horrific injuries after being attacked by a dog.

Valerie Mears, 65, of Parklands Avenue, Penwortham, was out walking her son’s dogs on Barley Field, Bamber Bridge, when she was attacked by a dog, believed to have been an Alsatian on Friday morning.

Her son Andrew Mears 42, said: “My mum and I normally go out and walk the dogs together but I was running late so she went on her own.

“She had only been out a matter of minutes when I got a phone call saying she had been attacked.”

Valerie, was out walking the two miniature poodles, Wesley and Jasper, when the dog set upon her, knocking her to the floor and leaving her with severe bite marks to her hands.

The Alsatian, who is believed to have been with a white man, who was wearing a navy blue duffle coat or donkey jacket, who also had two bull terrier-like dogs.

Andrew said: “I’m absolutely devastated by what has happened – my mum is my rock and this has really knocked the confidence out of her. She was more worried about the dogs than what had happened to her.”

Mrs Mears was taken to Chorley Hospital by ambulance after a passer-by called the emergency services where her fingers were treated and an X-ray was performed on her hip.

As she lay on the ground, one of the dogs, Wesley, bolted and was later found on the A6 Garstang Road.

Andrew said: “Two people – who I only know as Malcolm and Emily – found Wesley at the side of the road, thinking he had been run over and took him to the vets.

“I think he must have panicked when he was attacked and ran off.”

Andrew now faces vets bills of more than £350 after Wesley had to be operated on and Jasper had various puncture wounds treated.

He said: “Withy Grove Vets have just been fantastic and I would really like to extend my thanks to the passers by who took Wesley in.

“When the dogs attacked Jasper his tag, which he has had since he was a puppy, was ripped off.

“It has great sentimental value to me but I haven’t been able to find it anywhere.”

Andrew has said that dogs running free on Barley Field is becoming a problem.

“I have spoken to the council about it a number of times and there are even signs saying to not let dogs off the lead.

“My mum has said she won’t go out round there now and even the dogs are too scared to go out.”