Worden Park is under new review

'Not a viable solution': Coun Stephen Robinson
'Not a viable solution': Coun Stephen Robinson
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Worden Park cannot have a separate budget dedicated to it under South Ribble Council, despite latest recommendations.

The council’s scrutiny committee formed a special team of people to carry out a review of the Leyland park towards the end of last year, and they have now put forward a number of suggestions for improving it.

One of the ideas was for the budget for Worden Park to be accounted for separately from other parks and facilities in the borough, to show all income and expenditure and to help co-ordinate and allocate resources specifically to it.

However, while all of the other recommendations have been applauded by the council’s cabinet, it was decided that this particular concept is ‘not possible due to the complexity of the council’s budget process.’

Cabinet member for finance, Coun Stephen Robinson, said: “It is not a simple matter of assessing the income and expenditure for one park.

“To keep this separate from the rest of the council’s activities is not viable.”

But the rest of the eight action points were agreed upon to help maintain and improve the popular park.

These include developing a long-term vision with all organisations associated with Worden Park; regular ‘stakeholder’ meetings are set to be held to improve engagement and joint work in delivering this long-term vision; and a joined-up marketing plan is to be developed to promote the whole park, including improved communications with councillors.

Other suggestions put forward under the review are already being acted upon, such as finding suitable occupants for the Arts and Craft Centre.