Worden Park schemes given the go-ahead from planners

The area around Worden Hall in Worden Park
The area around Worden Hall in Worden Park

It’s ‘all systems go’ at Leyland’s Worden Park as two planning applications were approved for the site last week.

The car park, which currently holds 100 vehicles, is set to get an extension later this year, and resurfacing works around the Arts and Crafts Centre are also in the pipeline.

‘Emergency work’ had already been carried out to remove the cobbles from the courtyards earlier this year, which members of the community were angry about, as they hadn’t been consulted.

But no objections were formally raised to the retrospective planning application, which also includes finishing the project with a gravel-effect surface this summer.

The proposal also includes some minor work to the gable wall of Worden Hall, ‘to prevent further damage caused by water ingress’.

South Ribble Council’s planning committee also gave the green light to the council’s park’s team to create a permanent extension to the car park, to accommodate an extra 164 spaces.

The overflow car park, next to the main parking area off Worden Lane, is currently used in dry weather conditions, but the new arrangement means it can be used all year round.

Planning officers explained: “The grass reinforcement system will allow use in the same way as hard surfaced parking areas, but will retain the visual appearance of grass.”

They added that there would be no need for a water drainage system.

Councillors sitting on the committee welcomed the move, but raised concerns about the use of the new car park.

Coun Peter Stettner said: “Are we not just providing another car park for Runshaw College at the ratepayers’ expense?”

Planning officers said that the new car park will be subject to the three-hour parking limit, as the main car park is.