Worden Park vision plan is ‘better than nothing’

Worden Park's historic ice house could be opened under the vision plan
Worden Park's historic ice house could be opened under the vision plan
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An ambitious 20-year vision plan for the future of Worden Park has been voted through by South Ribble Council.

Opening up disused and historic sections of the park and moving the main entrance on Worden Lane are just some of the proposals put forward.

But the project was slated by the opposition Labour group, for being too little, and a bit too late.

The borough’s Labour leader, Coun Matthew Tomlinson, said at a full council meeting last week: “We welcome this, but we’re quite disappointed that it’s taken so long.

“It’s a year since the scrutiny committee asked for this report, and what we’ve got is a nine-page vision plan which, frankly, could have been written in an afternoon by an apprentice.

“It’s not acceptable.

“We want to see exactly what this council wants to do with Worden Park and we want to know how you’re going to fund it.”

He added: “We do welcome this because it is a step forward, and it’s better than nothing.”

In response, Coun Peter Mullineaux, the council’s cabinet member for neighbourhoods and street scene, which covers parks, argued: “I do find those remarks insulting and ridiculous.

“A lot of work went into that report, and some things are already set out with costings in place.

“There could be things in a few years which prevent things from happening, that’s why it’s a vision plan. It’s what we want to do, if we can do it.”

All members of the council voted in favour of the vision plan going forward.

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