You can’t get more social than this

Terry Burns has opened Towngate Social Club
Terry Burns has opened Towngate Social Club

An ambitious Leyland man is aiming to revitalise the town’s social club scene by launching one where all are welcome.

Terry Burns was on the committee of the Royal Naval Association in Leyland, but numbers were noticeably dwindling towards the end of last year.

Now, he’s taken the bold move to reinvent the idea of a members’ club, and has launched the new Towngate Social Club this week.

He said: “We needed at least 21 former Royal Navy members to keep going, and we were struggling really.

“The lease also ran out in January, so rather than re-new it as the Royal Naval Association, we decided to do something else.

“There was interest to keep some form of social club going, and I think with there being a trend of other clubs and pubs closing, it’s important to push for this type of thing.

“I’m convinced there is a market for this – and after a long, hard slog, we managed to achieve it.”

The club launched at number 74 Towngate on Monday night, and has already attracted around 60 members.

“It’s just a place for people to socialise,” Terry explained.

“You do have to become a member, but you can be any age and you don’t need to have any connections with the armed forces.

“I think there is a stigma amongst younger people that you need to be attached to the RAF, for example, but everyone is welcome.

“The amount of interest we’ve had so far really spurs me on.”

The club will be open seven days a week from 11am until around 11pm, and host regular events such as bingo and live music.

“It’s just somewhere that people can come to relax and feel safe,” Terry added. “It’s a safe haven, and people will know each other or make new friends.

“We’ve redecorated the venue and given it a spruce-up too.

“There’s no more doom and gloom here – it’s like a phoenix rising from the ashes.”