Young holidaymakers lose out after hotel theft

Victim: Adam Jackson was robbed in Magaluf
Victim: Adam Jackson was robbed in Magaluf
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A young holidaymaker from Leyland is warning fellow travellers to stay alert while abroad after he fell victim to thieves.

Adam Jackson, 21, was on holiday in the Spanish resort of Magaluf with six of his friends when, after returning from souvenir shopping, he

discovered money had been taken from his room at the Fergus Tobago Hotel.

Adam said: “I had put the rest of my money in my suitcase on the top shelf of the wardrobe and locked it.

“When we got back to our room half and hour later I lifted the case down and just knew the money had gone.”

Around 300 Euros had been taken from Adam’s case along with 150 Euros and a mobile phone belonging to 19-year-old Luke Davidson, also from Leyland.

When the pair reported the crime to staff at the hotel’s reception desk they claim they were met with apathy.

Adam said: “They tried to blame it all on us and said we must have left the door open before telling us to walk the 40 minutes to the local police station where we were told we would need to pay 200 Euros for a Spanish interpreter.

“How could we do that when all our money had been taken?”

Adam, who works for New Progress Housing, said he and Luke faced further problems when they were unable to contact a representative from Thomas Cook, who they had booked their 10-day holiday with.

“The manager told us a rep would meet us at 8am the following day but our transfer to leave was due to pick us up at 8.50am,” Adam said.

“So on the morning we were leaving we asked at the reception where the rep was an we were met with a laugh and were told there would be no rep turning up.

“But we need a signed and dated letter from Thomas Cook or the hotel for the insurance company and we have neither. In the week we were staying at the hotel thefts occurred seven times in total.”

Thomas Cook strongly advises holidaymakers to use safety deposit boxes provided in hotel rooms, and that in the event of any theft or loss, it is essential to report the theft or loss to a police station to obtain a report for insurance purposes.

A spokesperson for Thomas Cook said: “We were really sorry to hear that Mr Jackson’s money went missing from his room as he was due to leave Magaluf. While our resort staff offered every advice possible, as Mr Jackson is home now we can arrange for our customer care team to contact him should he require any further assistance.”