'Don’t move quake goalposts for frackers'

'Dont move quake goalposts for frackers' says a correspondent
'Dont move quake goalposts for frackers' says a correspondent

Calls by the fracking industry to be allowed to trigger larger earthquakes before they have to down tools should be ignored.

Cuadrilla accepted the regulations after they were introduced in 2012 – right up to when they found out last October that they couldn’t work within them.

Only then did they start to complain.

Earthquakes triggered by fracking have been felt at the surface, but it’s what is happening underground that is the real concern.

Nobody wants the ground shaking, particularly not near a gas well.

The government has said that the current system is fit for purpose and they have no intention of changing it.

They must stick to this and not make further concessions at the first sign of complaints from a dirty, unwanted and unnecessary industry.

Between earthquakes and the effects of climate change already being felt, isn’t it time to down tools on fracking once and for all?

Tony Bosworth

Fossil Free Campaigner

Friends of the Earth