Letters and emails on April 20

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Dear Editor,

I am responding to Coun Ken Ball’s letter in the Guardian on April 6.

All funding, whether it be for councillors or the police is funded from the public purse.

The police provide an essential service, councillors do not.

How much has it cost taxpayers in Coppull to support its 15 parish councillors in the last financial year 2009/2010 including allowances and expenses etc?

Name and address supplied

EDITOR’S NOTE: Coun Ball said: “Parish councillors DO NOT receive any allowances or expenses. Coppull is recognised as one of the most pro-active councils in the region; the precept that is collected, is used to improve our village and try to make it a better place to live for all the residents

I don’t agree with review

Dear Editor,

After reading your restaurant review (Guardian, April 13) about the Cherry Tree in Blackrod I am again very disappionted at your negative attitude to our local businesses in these difficult times.

Our local area is no different from that of the national picture, small businesses trying to keep afloat, yet you seem to constantly over the last few weeks to be painting a negative picture of them and I have to say, in this case in my opinion quite wrongly.

I have visited The Cherry Tree on three or four occasions and have aways enjoyed excellent food and service with no complaints about the music. I shall certainly be going back.

Carol Taylor, Address supplied

EDITOR’S NOTE: The reviewer gave the Cherry Tree 7/10, which is not a bad review

Restaurant is on the money

Dear Editor,

We were disappointed to read your reporter’s scathingly written review of the Cherry Tree (Guardian, April 13).

The background music is what is, ie background music - unobtrusive general popular music.

The surroundings are modern - neither ‘ranch’ nor ‘colonial’ - probably why he couldn’t make his mind up!

It is obvious that a great deal of thought and money have been invested into the property.

We don’t dine out very often due to being in the food industry ourselves and therefore not only highly critical, but can do better at home ourselves.

Nine times out of 10 when we dine out we wish we had given the money to charity because it is a complete waste of our resources, however on the numerous times we have eaten at the Cherry Tree, including taking a party of people for a special occasion, we have found both the food and service to be of an unusually high standard and can eat with confidence.

Did the writer think he was dining at a Michelin Star restaurant?

It is also one of the few establishments locally where you get waiters actually taking your order, not just delivering it and for this level of service is definitely not overpriced.

Hilary and Keith Barlow, Address supplied

Safe message for fair-goers

Dear Editor,

I write in relation to the Annual Spring Fair held in Chorley from March 31 to April 3.

I am aware that historically, the occasion has seen some anti-social behaviour perpetrated by local youths and those travelling in from elsewhere.

This has resulted in incidents of drunken behaviour and criminal damage, which has marred the event for Chorley families seeking to enjoy the attractions of the fair.

My neighbourhood policing team, in conjunction with partners, conducted high visibility patrol in the vicinity and liaised closely with traders and the fair operators.

Several youths were given direction to leave notices, under Section 27(2) of the Violent Crime Reduction Act 2006.

Others were taken home and admonished in front of their parents without the need to make arrests.

I am delighted to report that no offences were committed, in or around the fair, over the duration of the event and this is excellent news for all concerned.

I would like to publicly thank everyone involved for making these festivities such a success.

Steve Evans, Chorley Geographic Inspector

I won’t be voting for AV

Dear Editor,

I feel I must comment on the letter from Moss Side’s A. Thomas regarding the AV electoral system. (Guardian April 13).

He/She is missing the point about the ridiculous situation in a multi party election whereby we may elect someone whom most electors do not want.

He/she, quite correctly, makes the point that major political parties use a very similar system to elect their leader.

My point being that in a leadership election, take the example of the recent Labour leader election, members may not have seen their first choice elected but they still ended up with a member of their own Labour party, not a Tory or Lib Dem.

This same system applies to other parties. You never elect anyone from anywhere but your favourite party. Therefore I believe that Mr/Ms Thomas’ argument is flawed.

Coun Mick Muncaster, Clayton-le-Woods West and Cuerden Ward

Driving us round the bend

Dear Editor,

I write with reference to an article in the Guardian (April 13) about the implementation of a one-way system on Lancaster Lane whilst Wainhomes connect their recent development to the main sewerage system.

Contrary to your report the diversion was not down Pendle Road onto Spring Meadow, it was down the A49 to the A6 by Bamber Bridge as your picture with the article clearly shows.

This diversion route however was ignored by inconsiderate drivers who put their own needs first by using the local estates roads instead of the official diversion set up and signposted by Lancashire County Council.

This caused great inconvenience to local residents and put the lives of the young and the elderly at risk.

I must however congratulate Wainhomes, who on seeing the disruption being caused to local residents pulled out all the stops and completed the work in two weeks instead of four enabling Lancaster Lane to be reopened to two way traffic.

There is some good news for the the residents of Pendle Road and all other roads up to and including Spring Meadow, from about the beginning of July a 20mph speed limit will be implemented on all the roads on the estate.

This we hope will curb the speedsters and make the area safer for all residents.

Coun Judith Boothman, Clayton-le- Woods West & Cuerden Ward

EDITOR’S NOTE: The vast majority of motorists drove down Pendle

Road after discovering Lancaster Lane was closed

‘Grot-spot’ is on private land

Dear Editor,

I refer to the lead letter in last week’s Guardian regarding roadside ‘grot-spots’.

As this letter was printed in the Chorley edition I would just like to point out that the area of land in question is in fact in South Ribble and sadly much of this on private land.

Coun Alan Cullens, Clayton-le-Woods