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Albany Class of ‘86 reunite

Dear Editor

A 25 year school reunion is being organised for former pupils who left Albany High School Chorley in the summer of 1986.

Former pupils are invited to attend a get together on Saturday, May 21, from 7.30pm onwards in the upper bar of the Sir Henry Tate pub in Chorley.

If you know anyone who left in this year please pass the message on.

A page has been set up on Facebook called Albany Class of ‘86 Reunion.

Hope to see you there.

Tracey Holding, was Bentham, Highfield Road South, Chorley

Sticking up for local councillors

Dear Editor,

This is in reply to the letter in last week’s Guardian entitled `Let’s invest in police force’

The number of parish and borough councillors is set by the Electoral and Boundary Commission and is based on the number of residents living in Coppull, which is over 8,000; this is the same for any town or village.

Parish Councillors do not receive any payment for the work they do and very rarely claim any out of pocket expenses. Borough Councillors receive a small allowance from Chorley Borough Council, this is taxed and National Insurance is taken out.

We can only claim petrol allowance for attending meetings at CBC, not for any travelling undertaken to help with residents problems. The cost of all telephone calls to residents, or calls made on their behalf, is also taken out of the allowance.

Although both the borough and parish councillors work very closely with the police in Coppull, we have no control over their funding, this comes under the Police Authority.

If you hadn’t withheld your name and address, I would have been able to explain this to you in person. If you have any more questions that I can help you with, please contact me on 01257 792131.

Coun Ken Ball, Borough & parish councillor

Please pick up after furry friend

Dear Editor,

I’d like to congratulate Chorley Cricket Club members and players for the effort to bring the ground up to an appropriate standard in time for the new season.

The ground is looking good and one hopes the team will represent the efforts of those who have worked so hard during the pre-season to bring it back to life after the winter.

Can I ask that those like me who walk around the ground exercising our dogs show a similar committment to maintaining the standard set by cleaning up and not avoiding the mess your pets have made or as some will act like they have not seen anything.

I’d also like to praise Chorley Football Club for its effort to gain promotion and wish them well in what will be a fine and interesting run in.

All credit to those who run the website in compiling a fixture list for all those involved in the race for promotion.

Finnaly a sad fair well to John Haydock who died recently.

A man who taught me at Southlands and whom I know enjoyed talking football. We always tried to avoid studying science by getting Mr Haydock to talk about football and he was a font of knowledge.

As many have said, a true gentleman.

John Threlfall, Address supplied

iPads are not needed for staff

Dear Editor,

The story in the Guardian (March 30) about Bishop Rawstorne providing Apple iPads for teachers shows a contemptuous disregard for taxpayers’ money,

The iPad model they have bought started at £429, with extra for the leather case. (Had they only waited three or four weeks they could have bought the better iPad 2 for less.)

To suggest these devices are necessary for school staff to access the internet shows a complete lack of common sense.

For the same money they could have provided very good laptops to the staff, which are much more functional than an iPad, but not quite such a sexy ‘must-have’ toy, of course.

How many teachers do we know who don’t already have perfectly good internet access within their own homes?

Most private sector employees would expect to use their own home computer and internet access for work purposes.

We have just seen a major demonstration in London against Government cuts, at which the teaching unions were extremely well represented.

It would seem that we need yet more cuts in the education budget if a school can afford to give away these toys to teachers.

Michael Donkin, Address supplied

It’s no wonder ebay is thriving

Dear Editor,

As the price of posting a letter or small parcel goes ever upwards I can see the day when the likes of eBay and PayPal introduce their own comprehensive fixed price UK mail service.

Royal Mail are consummate experts in driving customers away and one wonders how long it will be before their house of cards collapses completely?

Joseph G Dawson

Chorley Road, Withnell, Chorley

A lot of time on my hands

Dear Editor,

Well, did you remember to put your clocks back?

I have to admit that one year, I not only changed the clocks, but put them back an hour instead of forward and arrived two hours late for a special family lunch, over in Yorkshire!

Hence I don’t like to stay up until 1.00am, the recommended change over time, and like to start the job earlier in the evening.

On the other hand, my wife does not like them changed at all, until the following day as she likes to have a lie in, and all the clocks are generally reset by the time she emerges, it must seem like magic!

I usually sneak into the kitchen and change the central heating control first, which this year is a new one, so before I could do anything, I had first to find the instructions.

Managed that and moved on to the cooker and my wrist watch, then a slight problem arose.

At Christmas, because we’ve reached that age where no one knows what to buy us and I have a love of gadgets, we were given a new kitchen clock, with big numbers, (to allow for our reduced eyesight!), but which runs backwards!

It’s bad enough telling the time with it, let alone trying to work out which way to alter it for the hour change!

Half way through the process and the lights, which are operated on a timer, went out and I am left in the dark!

Changed the timer for the lights and that was enough before it was time for bed.

Only to be awakened in the early hours by the central heating coming on far to early.

That clever new central heating control had changed the time all by itself and added an additional hour to the time at which I had set it!

Never mind, I was up in time to watch the Australian Grand Prix, a bonus I hadn’t expected.

Sunday morning is the day we have boiled eggs for breakfast and as I reached for the egg timer, I at least knew that would not need altering!

If I get them hard boiled today, at least I can blame it on the ‘hour’! I reckon I’m on borrowed time now, anyway!

Graham Archer, St Michael’s Close, Chorley

Why can’t staff get own iPads?

Dear Editor,

I can understand the parent’s anger at Bishop Rawstorne School staff being given iPads (Guardian, March 30), even if they are for school use.

Teachers are in full time employment, and receive a decent salary compared to many low wage earners.

There is no reason why they should not provide their own equipment.

With regards to the ‘request’ for payment to watch a travelling theatre, coupled with the statement that the payment is voluntary and that if a parent could not afford it to speak to the headmaster, is misleading.

No self-respecting parent, however hard-up, would say they could not afford £4. The child would be ridiculed by other pupils.

Name and address supplied

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