Letters and emails on January 26, 2011

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Dear Editor,

I felt I had to respond to Andy Farrell’s letter on the opening of the new Wetherspoon’s pub in Leyland (Guardian January 12)..

I do agree with Andy’s comment that the pub is not the answer to the redevelopment of Leyland’s Hough Lane and surrounding area.

However it is a significant step in the right direction. After all, the bigger household business brands do tend to follow each other around based on footfall of the passing public.

If this new development increases the footfall in the area (which it will) then all the businesses should benefit and history has shown it will attract other new businesses in time.

Leyland, like any other town, needs the jobs and investment that new developments offer and I would strongly recommend that everybody get behind any business that potentially brings those things to our door.

Regarding the reason that many small business owners do not want to be on Hough Lane and tend to head for the market or out of Leyland is purely economics.

It is not uncommon to have rent of £600-£800 per month for a basic small unit on Hough Lane and a further £600 plus for business rates.

Anybody selling widgets or cups of tea need to sell an awful lot of their goods before they can break even - let alone make a living.

In defence of South Ribble Borough Council I should add that they do not set the business rates or benefit from any business rates collected in the area. It all goes directly to the Treasury.

Before I get berated by the anti-pub movement for my support of the development, may I suggest that people head towards their local Wetherspoons on any mid morning. I suspect you will find as I did that there is more breakfasts, cappuccino and cakes flowing than beer.

Greg Heath

Derbyshire Booth Leyland

Royal Mail is a royal pain

Dear editor,

I’ve had to stand in line on more than one occasion at Eastway to pick up a parcel that until recently used to be left next door.

I thought the problem was that I had a new postman and by speaking to the new postman and letting him know that it was alright to leave any parcels that didn’t need signing for with my neighbour.

Not so, the postmen now aren’t allowed to leave parcels with neighbours for fear of losing their job.

There’s no form available to sign with the Royal Mail to put an arrangement in place and it’s not possible to write a letter either.

The only solution I can see to this problem is that we should contact our retailers and ask them to switch from the Royal Mail to one of the other carriers.

When will the Royal Mail realise that they are in a consumer-driven market place and by behaving this way they are likely to lose some big business contracts?

Name and address


Heart of village being destroyed

Dear editor

I write in reply to the closure of the Dog and Partridge (Guardian, January 12).

Once again in this area we see the heart of a community meeting place being closed down and probably bulldozed for monetary gain from developers who have nothing to do with the village of Charnock Richard.

Enough is enough. This needs to be stopped and hopefully the council and our MP will be able to prevent this happening.

150 years of history could be lost forever.

Barry Clarke

Via email

Take the jab before too late

Dear editor,

I have asthma and emphysemia so I’m in the ‘at risk’ group (for swine flu).

I had my jab whilst at the asthma clinic on September 21 and I was surprised to see the vaccine out that early.

Whilst at Library House Surgery I saw that the flags advertising the flu jabs were all around the reception desk and folk were booking appoints.

A few weeks after I had a letter telling me to book an appointment if I had not already had the vaccine.

It is common knowledge that last year people refused to have the swine flu jab for reasons unknown.

It was December when I saw Lloyds chemist had a reduced offer of £7 for the vaccine. Asda pharmacy was also advertising.

The question I ask is: Why do folk wait for an outbreak before requesting the vaccine?

My husband had the flu before Christmas. In fact all his work had it. I eventually got it but not as severe because I was vaccinated.

I told my doctors who said if I had problems with chest I must contact them.

All i can say is perhaps having the vaccine early saved my life.

Sandra Hughes, Chorley

We do need to give awards

Dear editor

I am writing following the letter in the Guardian (Janaury 12) regarding my CBE in the Queen’s New Year’s Honours List.

The author of the letter was adsolutely right.

I am paid well for doing a job I love both at Chorley Council and now also at Wyre.

I also agree that hundreds of hardworking volunteers in Chorley deserve to be recognised far more than senior people who are paid for what they do.

Every year Chorley Council submits the names of volunteers for the New Year’s Honours list and we are also delighted when these are successful.

In addition, the Chorley Smile Awards were designed as a way of recognising the invaluable contribution of our dedicated volunteers.

If anyone would like Chorley Council to submit a volunteer for an award please send us the details.

Donna Hall, Chorley Council

Help us to help the homeless

Dear editor,

Every year there is a national action week on Poverty and Homelessness - www.actionweek.org.uk/html/home.html - which at a local homelessness level culminates in Homelessness Sunday, and a Homelessness Sunday service.

Each year we ask one of the Christian traditions to host the event. This year it is the turn of the Catholic tradition and St Joseph’s Church in Harpers Lane, Chorley has agreed to host it on January 30, between 2.30-3.30pm.

We have a choir and organist, and hopefully some guitarists, to provide the music. We also have one ex-homeless client and perhaps another who has benefited from our services to tell their stories.

There are a number of ‘jobs’ which we require to be done on the day. We need to welcome people into the church and give them hymn books etc, there are two readings which require three people and then there are the refreshments to organise.

I don’t want it to turn into an ‘elitist’ affair with only Board members taking part, but we do need you to do some things. If anyone can help I can be contacted on 07973 268832.

Paul J McBeth, Help The Homeless

What’s going on with floods?

Dear editor,

I’m sure you are aware of the Euxton Lane flood which has been going on since at least September last year.

Any fresh rain fall now causes the road to flood on a daily basis.

I have reported this to Lancashire County Council and it would seem that there is a stand-off between them and Network Rail as to whom is to blame for the flooded road.

Could you please investigate?

Mike Pendleton, Euxton