Letters and emails on June 22

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Sneaky cameras are so ‘underhand’

Dear editor,

Firstly I would like to say ‘yes’ I was speeding and I will admit this when I get my speeding ticket in the post.

However, I do not agree with the underhand methods Lancashire Police/Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety employ to catch speeders.

It’s not the first time this has been brought to your attention.

In the past they (Lancashire Police/Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety) have hidden behind low walls, behind signs, on private land.

I was travelling along the A6 towards the leisure centre doing between 35 - 40mph, it was only when i started to slow for the approaching roundabout, I noticed the mobile speed camera van hidden under the trees.

What is the point of having a van with all those high visibility markings and then hide it under a tree?

To me and to many this underhand policing of the roads is unacceptable.

When will Lancashire Police/Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety listen to the motorists and improve there behaviours as they try to improve ours?

Lancashire Police/Lancashire Partnership for Road Safety do a very good job, but sometimes they get it wrong. In my case I was speeding and there is no excuse.

Andrew Stroud, Address supplied

Vandals defy commonsense

Dear editor,

I’ve just heard the news of the Leyland man in Hough Lane and the vandalism.

I was so disappointed as this statue was a great addition and wonderful improvement to the town

Not tempting fate, I did say when I first saw this great piece of work that the idiots we have living in is town would break off the pipe or deface it.

We can never stop the actions of mindless vandals as they thrive on trashing something nice.

I am sure this person will be boasting about their actions to others and I hope they are caught and dealt with .

I read in your report about the pipe and it having no monetary value.

It was never done for money. It was some disrespectful person who was either out to impress others and cause disruption in our town.

Leyland Round Table in the past had a wonderful Sun Dial placed in the Rose Garden (Worden Park) in memory of a young chairman.

It was vandalised a few times then stolen and dumped.

Also we (Leyland Round Table) had a loss last year with thugs who set fire to the caravans on the park.

Not sure what you can do with these people and what they have going on in their minds.

The council had made a great start to developing the town and I would like to thank them for their efforts.

Brian M King, Leyland

Halls pies are best in Chorley

Dear editor,

I read the letter (Guardian, June 15) from ex-pat Ken E Greenway headlined ‘Marsdens will be missed’.

Putting aside the issues of cinemas in Chorley, (I am too young to have known most), I was agreeing through most of his letter.

That was until I reached the seventh line from the end: “Now after hearing that the last good pork pie shop in Chorley has gone.......”

As stated on the previous page, “Halls, a third generation business established in Chorley since 1933” have just won the prestigious Retailer of the Year award.

Firstly, I would like to congratulate all at Halls - it really is a well deserved.

Secondly, and I am sure I am not alone, I have actually rated Halls as THE best pie shop in Chorley for as long as I remember, and they don’t just do pork pies! (Marsdens did come a close second).

Next time you do come back over the water Ken, please make sure to pop into Halls and sample their fayre, you won’t be disappointed.

Colin Beesley, Halls pie fan, Chorley

School was a real credit

Dear editor,

I am a volunteer for the Brothers of Charity services which provides help and support for people with learning disabilities.

On Friday evening there was an event at Lisieux Hall where much of the entertainment was provided by the staff and students of St Mary’s High School, Leyland.

I would like to congratulate the school not only for the excellence of performance in dance, drama and music but also the exemplary conduct of the young people who took part.

Their contribution to the evening was deeply appreciated by everyone.

Name and address supplied

Stop these scare tactics

Dear editor,

Recent articles about the Lowerburgh Way recycling centre in Coppull are an example of the worst kind of scaremongering by district politicians.

In recent weeks the Liberal Democrat Mayor and Labour district councillors have all been linking the cost saving measures implemented by the county council claiming the Chorley site is at risk.

Nothing could be further from the truth, although the county is conducting a review exercise aimed at closing four sites following closures of four sites in other parts of the county earlier this year.

The Chorley site is fit for purpose, meets all the current legislation requirements, is extremely well used and serves the whole of the borough of Chorley.

I challenge those that are making these ridiculous claims to stop playing on people’s fears and act responsibly.

There is no evidence whatsoever that the county council intend to close the centre.

I have now made it one of my priorities as a local county councillor to fight to retain this popular centre and will highlight its benefits at every opportunity to my fellow cabinet members and officers.

The most recent claims that a perfectly valid traffic survey equates to some hidden agenda is nonsense .

However, I am happy to present anyone’s concerns to officers and people can contact me at mark.perks@lancashire.gov.uk

Coun Mark Perks, Chorley

Police didn’t want to know

Dear editor,

I came out of my house to find that a red car had collided with my parked silver car leaving its paint and damage for me to deal with.

Parked in front was a red car with matching damage and silver paint on its front wing.

I felt relief at apparently finding the culprit’s car.

After taking photographs of the damaged red car and the corresponding damage to my car I thought it would be an easy process to find the owner who drove away from the scene as I was downloading the photos without so much as a sorry.

I was informed that if the police didn’t witness the incident, there was nothing they could do and to contact my insurance company.

Guess what? There is nothing they can do either as the police could not (didn’t try to!) establish blame.

So, shame on the driver who collided with my car on Harrington Road, Chorley.

I am left to foot the repair bill.

CSI has a lot to answer for. I believe the paint could be matched and blame assigned......not in Chorley it seems.

Linda Beverley, Chorley