Letters and emails on October 12

Coun Eric Bell is concerned about development in green fields in Whittle-le-Woods
Coun Eric Bell is concerned about development in green fields in Whittle-le-Woods

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Stop all this house building

Dear Editor,

I would like to pass comments about the development of 30 new homes adjacent to the original 26 already built, this time the land being part of Pole Green Nurseries, in Charnock Richard.

Yes I am against this as I do back on to the land but I also feel very aggrieved at George Brennand’s remarks ‘a few people might not like it, but that’s the way it is .’ Nice I’ll do what I want never mind anyone else.

The area cannot take anymore. We already have flooding in Meadowlands at times so this will only make the matter worse.

Does nobody think about things like this? Come and talk to people who live round here, no.

Name and address


Road closure is nightmare

Dear Editor,

Members of the EC3 Steering Group were extremely concerned to learn that the B 5250 through Eccleston is to be closed for two weeks at Langton Brow.

The closure is reportedly due to a collapsed drain. It is believed in the village that the problems with the drains are linked to the development of the Sagar House site.

Residents living nearby have reported that water has been coming up out of manholes ever since the Sagar House developers connected into the existing drainage system.

The road closure will cause significant traffic problems for village residents.

Martin Fisher


Real reasons for the delay

Dear Editor,

Thankyou for your article last week reporting the delay in the bridge at Rylands Crossing.

It may be useful for your readers to know that Network Rail promised residents in a letter that the work would be finished by mid September.

The reasons given for the delay are:

* The land we planned to use for our compound became unavailable one week before we were due to start;

* Difficulties regarding obtaining necessary railway closures to allow work to be carried out safely when trains are not running.

These were unforeseen and unavoidable causing delay to the original planned completion date. The bridge is planned to be open to the public mid to late October 2011.

I have to question whether the original timetable was realistic and indeed agreed with the contractors.

I think Network Rail owe the residents an apology.

Having worked with local residents over the issue, we just want the bridge to be completed so that residents can once again cross in safety.

Coun Adrian Lowe


We need new shopping centre

Dear Editor,

With regard to the proposed development at the Carrington Centre, I was very disappointed that our local councillors voted to reject the application.

I am the postmaster at Eccleston Post Office and have been privileged to serve the residents for nearly 25 years.

I am also a resident of this village and played an active part in the community whilst bringing up my two daughters.

I was hoping to continue for some time yet however there is a very real threat that the service we offer will come to an end.

No-one likes a development at the bottom of their garden but Eccleston is a popular place to live precisely because of the facilities available and the ‘community spirit’ of which we are justifiably proud.

A village without these becomes a ‘commuter base’ without a soul and loses these qualities.

The Carrington Centre has outlived its purpose and needs a complete redevelopment.

The car park is too small and the layout is unappealing to customers and prospective tenants.

In these difficult times we should welcome the investment that is being made in our village and the jobs that it will bring both in the construction and later with the retail and offices that will occupy the site.

I believe that the loss of those facilities would have much more of a negative impact on my fellow residents than the 30 or so houses planned for the rear of the site.

Lisa Jackson

Eccleston Post Office

Where’s Xmas spirit?

Dear Editor,

The investment in Chorley’s booming market has certainly paid off.

The new gazebos are working well and with the addition of a sunny day on Tuesday, the Flat Iron was buzzing.

Coupled with the improvements on the covered market, we must now have one of the best markets in the country.

What a shame then that the council cannot build on their success and see their way to funding a Christmas tree for the town centre.

It would not have to be as big as the one currently favoured at the top of Market Street, which I believe is a potential hazard, distracting drivers as they bear down on the pedestrian crossing just around the corner.

Replace it with one outside the market, as last year and it would not need as many decorations.

It would not cost as much to power, and it would attract more customers to the town centre.

All of this would be beneficial and save money.

If the council want to save more money, they can scrap the free parking permits they enjoy, or, just make those found guilty of abusing the privilege pay the full cost for one year.

Or is it that they can’t see the wood for the trees?

Graham Archer

St Michael’s Close


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