Letters and emails on October 19

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Dear Editor,

Well done to Chorley FC on their fine start to the new season.

This is in no small way down to manager Garry Flitcroft and chairman Ken Wright, plus of course the playing staff.

It must have been a body blow to the club after Phil Haslam was arrested on suspicion of theft and false accounting but that’s now the subject of a police investigation.

But back to the playing side. Last Saturday’s heavy defeat at Matlock was not a surprise to me as it has been coming for a few weeks.

It is easy to sit in the stands and pick holes in the team but a number of players, and some fringe players, are finding the higher division just one step up too far.

I am sure Flitcroft is aware of the shortfalls - and I admit injuries have played a part in some poor performances - but new top non-League players are needed quickly.

The support has been amazing and it would be a shame if attendances dipped. Good luck to all at Victory Park and it would be great to see Chorley FC back in the Conference mix after all these years.

Neil Farnworth


Cyclist are inconsiderate

Dear Editor,

Moving on from the recent article headlined ‘Cyclists get the missing link’, I would like to bring to the attention of cyclists attention that every time I drive through Buckshaw Village (and that is twice a day) I hardly ever see a commuter cyclist using the cycle lanes that have been provided at great expense.

They are always on the road which at peak times causes great frustration for drivers and unnecessary traffic tail backs.

Surely if cycle lanes have been provided all cyclists should use them at all times?

The only people I see using the cycle lanes are families and children.

I have no objection to cyclists being on the road as it is good exercise and a cheap alternative to vehicles to get to/from work, but cyclists please be considerate and use the cycle lanes!

Mrs Shatwell

Edinburgh Close


Visitors need information

Dear Editor,

It’s great to see the new signs adjacent to the Botany Bay roundabout, pointing the way to Chorley’s market.

What a shame that there is nowhere else in our town to acquire information or literature to guide visitors to other attractions such as Astley Hall etc.

Other towns have a Tourist Information Centre, but we do not.

I made a point of asking for literature in our central library, but was only pointed in the direction of a bus time table, telling me how to get out of the town!

I did bring this to the attention of our last chief executive, who arranged to have a leaflet dispenser outside the market office, but that is as far as it has got.

The council do now produce some good guides for the town, although there is still room for improvement, but it is all of limited use if visitors cannot get hold of it. What do other readers think?

Graham Archer

St Michael’s Close


We need new shop centre

Dear Editor,

I write as an independent retail tenant of the Carrington Centre in Eccleston.

As many readers will know, an outline planning application for the erection of a replacement local centre parade, supermarket and 39 residential dwellings was recently refused permission by Chorley Council.

This was despite being recommended for permission by the planning officers.

This decision has left many tenants with genuine concerns for our businesses and livelihoods.

Without the redevelopment, which unavoidably includes 39 new houses being built, urgent improvements to the shopping centre will not go ahead.

Eccleston is privileged to have a variety of independent traders located here at the Carrington Centre which currently provide a valuable service to the residents of the village and the surrounding villages.

However, over recent years we have seen a move away from shopping locally with many residents now preferring to travel to large out-of-town supermarkets in and around Leyland and Chorley.

This has made for increasingly difficult trading conditions for many of the independent traders in the Carrington Centre, as clearly illustrated by the mounting number of empty shops.

The only way forward is for Eccleston to bring to its residents what they are currently travelling elsewhere.

The current dilapidated condition and poor layout of The Carrington Centre is only fuelling this decline and the site has numerous potential weaknesses for sustainability in the medium term.

As many residents will be aware, the converted mill building was never designed as a shopping parade and is now unfit for purpose.

It is dark, damp and dingy. There is also insufficient parking for customers. This obviously makes for unpleasant working conditions and is uninviting for shoppers.

A comprehensive redevelopment of the Carrington Centre site is vital and would reinvigorate the current dated and dilapidated shopping parade with an upgraded village centre.

It would provide opportunities to work, shop and dine in vastly improved, lighter, brighter, modern surroundings with a well-stocked popular Supermarket to draw in customers for neighbouring independent traders.

The proposed £10 million investment in the site will be for the common benefit of Eccleston residents and surrounding village.

Homeowners in villages with thriving village shops see an increased value to their property.

In reality, the eventual alternative here over the forthcoming months is that the site will be left to ruin, nothing but a crumbling wreck with more and more shops being left empty.

The existing traders, including the Post Office, will have no option other than to vacate the Carrington Centre.

Despite having built up a loyal and valued customer base, continuing to trade in Eccleston would be financially infeasible for our business and our fellow traders.

So what, you may be asking, can I do to help keep Eccleston a thriving village with a shopping centre to be proud of over the years to come?

Firstly, please support your local businesses at the Carrington Centre and shop local. Spend it here, keep it here.

Jane Hardiker

Do-It-Yourself Centre Ltd

Carrington Centre


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