Letters and emails on September 21

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Dear Editor,

I was interested but not surprised by Coun Ken Ball’s comments on it being ‘illegal’ to hand over parking tickets (Guardian, August 31).

He and his fellow councillors no doubt don’t have to worry about the cost of town centre parking as they probably have privilege parking around the Town Hall as they are on ‘council business’

However this attitude shows why Chorley as a shopping centre is dying on its feet.

I used to shop regularly in the town centre. I’d take my children to the library, take them for haircuts, browse in the video/CD shops, buy clothes, meat and bread and veg from local suppliers.

I could do this all in the knowledge that if I was there less than the three hours I’d pass my ticket on to someone and have a feel good feeling that I was, in some small way, helping someone else.

Now I very rarely go to town, preferring to shop in other towns with a more shopper friendly attitude or large supermarkets.

The long-promised phase two of the shopping centre has never materialised.

I’d be interested what the comparative costs of the machines are between pay-on-exit versus pay-on-entrance becausee I, and many people, feel we are being ripped off.

Mrs Geraldine King

Address supplied

Thanks - for nothing pal!

Dear Editor,

I would like to extend a big thankyou to the person using a bay on Morrisons car park at about 10.30am on Thursday.

Having hit my grey Citroen car you have kindly left me with a bill for the damage.

May I suggest that if you are unable to safely manoeuvre your vehicle you should be prepared to be man or woman enough to own up to your mistake and at least offer to pay for the damage you caused.

Christine Barnes


Kath was an unsung hero

Dear Editor,

I read with interest Kath Gorman’s thanks to everyone who assisted with the Astley Village Fun Day (Guardian, September 14).

I believe Kath, Gail, Breda and Frank, the Committee Members of Astley Village Residents Association, deserve most thanks for all their efforts in ensuring the Fun Day actually took place.

Coun Alan Platt


Don’t cry wolf Matthew

Dear Editor,

After being on holiday in Norfolk for a week, I come back and find that Coun Matthew Crow is still trying to gain friends and encouraging people to break the law (about parking tickets).

Sometimes, being a councillor means that you have to make difficult decisions which aren’t always popular, especially when it means upholding the law, however trivial one may think it is.

As for promising to take it to the council – with a little more experience he will learn not to promise residents things that he cannot fulfill.

Coun Ken Ball


Back heritage proposals

Dear Editor,

I would like to thank all the people who came to the exhibition of Chorley memorabilia which was held at Chorley Subscription Bowling Green over the Heritage Weekend.

It was great to see so many enthusiastic people with an interest in Chorley’s past.

A competition was held to design a logo which best represented the aims of the Chorley Heritage Centre.

The winner was Nicola Bolton, who will receive the prize of £50.

On Wednesday September 28 a public meeting will be held at Chorley library at 7.30pm to formally launch the Chorley Heritage Centre Support group and website when it is hoped the logo winner will be presented with her prize.

A small display of memorabilia will be on display on the night for those who missed the opportunity during the Heritage Weekend.

Ian Bagshaw Chorley

Funny Money was brilliant

Dear Editor,

Funny Money was a fantastic start to the season at Chorley Little Theatre. The acting was worthy of an Oscar.

Barbara Robinson


Toilet opening cuts just stink

Dear Editor,

‘Saving a penny’ was the headline in the Guardian (September 14) about the decision to cut the opening times of Chorley’s public toilet.

This is not saving a penny. It is downright-penny pinching.

The toilets on Chorley’s covered market are a credit to those who maintain them and they certainly deserve better than this.

If they have not already been nominated, then I nominate them now for a Chorley Smile Award.

Shame on you, Chorley Council.

Graham Archer

St Michael’s Close


Chorley school reunion appeal

Dear Editor,

The Class of 1962 - those pupils who started at Chorley Grammar School in September of that year or who subsequently joined our group - are invited to a reunion at Chorley Football Club Social Club, Victory Park, on Saturday, October 29.

Basically we have gone from the Swinging Sixties to being 60!

We have managed to trace most of our old friends but the following are missing and we would be grateful if any friends or relatives reading this could put them in touch, so that they can join us on the night.

David Stanley, Michael Weight, Joyce Aspindale, Linda Clayton, David Jones, David Bebb, John Slater, Charles Marsden, Ann Rushton, Susan Chadwick, and Irene Ashworth. Obviously, the girls’ surnames are likely to be different these days.

If you know their whereabouts, please phone me on 07703 564528.

Netta Gill

Main Square

Buckshaw Village