Letters and emails on September 28

John Bamber is furious at discovering plans are been looked into turning the green space next to his house into football pitches
John Bamber is furious at discovering plans are been looked into turning the green space next to his house into football pitches
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Learn your Highway Code

Dear Editor,

As I was driving into Chorley on Wednesday, during yet another heavy rainstorm, I was somewhat surprised to see no fewer than seven driving instructor vehicles and a police car travelling without any lights on, despite the greatly reduced visibility.

Many drivers mistakenly drive on their sidelights, or parking lights, at such times but one would hope that these professional drivers would understand when to use dipped beam headlights.

They should also realise that headlights are more for you to be seen than for you to see.

If driving instructors do not understand the Highway Code then there is little hope for the next generation of drivers, (Section 226: “You MUST use headlights when visibility is seriously reduced…”).

Michael Donkin

Blackburn Road


Pavement parking issue

Dear Editor,

I am intrigued to know why the Chorley Guardian, (September 21) has singled out Coun Ken Ball for parking on the pavement. If you take a look around the roads of Chorley you could be forgiven for thinking that parking on the pavement was now sociably acceptable and that the authorities, namely Chorley Borough Council and Lancashire County Council and the police no longer consider it an offence.

Before they reply contradicting that statement I suggest everyone takes a look at the pavement parking by residents along the northbound A6 Preston Road, Whittle-le-Woods.

Your report suggests that parking restrictions apply from the centre of the road, over the pavement to a property boundary, however despite various parking restrictions along Preston Road residents have for years been allowed to park with all four wheels on the pavement.

This type of parking is on the increase because no one is doing anything to stop it.

Any area of pavement that will accommodate a car now seems fair game to become a parking space. Moor Road Chorley offers some amazing examples.

I do not condone the actions of Coun Ball, but the bigger problem needs to be addressed before one individual is singled out.

Stephen Good

Address supplied

EDITOR’S NOTE: Coun Ball says he has permission to park outside the shop in question

Annoyed at councillor

Dear Editor,

I read with steam coming out of my ears the story (Guardian, September 21) about Coun Harold Heaton’s partner Mia Crompton, not paying to park her car as she didn’t have any change.

What a joke. Have I missed something here? No money means you can’t park your car.

I will try that next time I go in town and see what happens to me. Not only would the traffic warden look at me like I’d gone daft. They would not say ‘you run along to the bank’.

What they would say is ‘you’ve got a fine stuck on your car window’.

Did she get a fine?

Carol Thompson


Giving praise where it’s due

Dear Editor,

After some bad press I found myself putting pen to paper to praise the company Balfour Beatty Utility Solutions.

Gas pipe work replacement within the footpaths and roads started on Wednesday and finished on Saturday in Ashfield Road, with minimal disruption to householders and road users.

Everyone was notified of the work which was due to start. The gang of workers never stopped even through awful downpours.

They were very friendly and courteous at all times. The follow up teams also worked hard in repairing the work done.

Knocks on the door checking everything was ok and that there was no gas leakages.

I can not praise them enough for an excellent job and very little disruption to all concerned.

Susan Joyce

Ashfield Road


Warnings were ignored

Dear Editor,

As the former Chair of RAWS it was interesting to read the article relating to community compensation now being paid by LCC because of the smells coming from the waste plant in Farington (Leyland Guardian, September 21).

It will be extremely interesting to know how and to whom theses payments will be made especially when you consider that communities blighted can be varied and based purely on which way the wind is blowing on any given day.

LCC were warned by RAWS that odours were an issue at the only Global Renewables site in Australia that could be compared to the one planned for Farington during the planning process but the fact that emails from the local community of Eastern Creek along with evidence of bill boards on motorways around the site advertising the complaints number were ignored.

Andy Farrell

Former Chair RAWS


Did you know Motors man?

Dear Editor,

I am trying to contact anyone who remembers Shelley Wikramasinghe who came from Sri Lanka to complete a three-year apprenticeship at Leyland Motors in the early 1950s.

He has sadly just died at the age of 85 in Colombo and his daughter has asked if anyone has any information or photos about his time at Leyland.

He kept in contact with the firm over many years.

I myself had a lifelong friendship with Shelley but have no information or photos of those early days.

Colin Jackson


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