‘Zack was hand-picked by our star Frankie’

Zack Forgione was born 3rd January at 16:36 weighing 6lb 15oz to Kimberley and Sean Forgione from Farington
Zack Forgione was born 3rd January at 16:36 weighing 6lb 15oz to Kimberley and Sean Forgione from Farington

a LEYLAND couple devastated by the loss of their young son have welcomed into the world another bundle of joy.

Kim Forgione lost her 16-month-old son Frankie to a rare neurological disorder on January 1 last year.

Two days after the first anniversary of his death she gave birth to little Zack, a healthy boy weighing 6lb 15oz.

Kim, who lives with husband Sean in Farington, said: “It has been such a difficult time and knowing we would have a brother for Frankie has made it a bit easier.

“It has given us something to be positive about.”

Frankie’s condition, Krabbe Leukodystrophy, affects just one in every 100,000 people, with sufferers rarely living beyond the age of two.

The disease meant his loving parents were too scared to cuddle him as his body was so sensitive it would leave him in agony.

The condition affected his ability to open his eyes, smile, and lift his head.

Little Frankie died on New Years Day, 2010, surrounded by friends and family.

Jack was born at Royal Preston Hospital by Ceasarean section on January 3, a move which the parents hoped would stop him from being born on the anniversary of Frankie’s death.

Kim said: “They booked me for an elective section so I knew unless I went into labour early I wouldn’t be having him on the 1st, which was a relief.

“I didn’t want him to be born on Frankie’s anniversary.

“When Zack was born he looked just like Frankie, which is lovely but there was so much going on in the hospital that I kept getting his name mixed up.

“It’s a funny time for us really because I am constantly looking for things that were wrong with Frankie in him.

“It’s things that most other mothers wouldn’t think about like little twitches I worry are seizures.

“The midwife said I am probably more of a trained nurse than I am a normal parent so it is a whole new thing for me.

“I feel so much more confident this time around though.”

The parents say they are looking forward to a bright future with Frankie in their hearts.

Kim said: “I do feel like Zack was sent to help us through this.

“He is a really content and happy baby who feeds a lot and then just goes back to sleep! He’s my little star has definitely been hand picked by his big brother Frankie.”