Dads vs lads in St Mary’s generation game

Old Leyland St Mary's football team
Old Leyland St Mary's football team

It’s dads versus lads this Saturday as a charity football match kicks off in Farington.

A group of ‘old’ Leyland St Mary’s players are going head-to-head with today’s young talent from football clubs across the area.

The family event, being held at the BTR fields to raise funds for St John’s Hospice, will see 23 ‘overs’ take it in turns to face a group of young players.

Organiser Keith Owens, 46, said: “I played for the Leyland St Mary’s team for 18 years before it folded in 2009.

“We were just all getting a bit older and had family commitments and things like that.

“One of our players, Paul Lewis, has a relative who has been cared for at St John’s Hospice, so we decided it would be good to do something to raise some money.

“His sons, Connor and Cameron, play for Ribble Wanderers and they’ve got some of their mates together.

“A lot of them play for Leyland Albion which are an absolutely brilliant team, so it’s got us a bit worried.

“We’re just going to go and show what we can do. I’m not confident we’ll win, but it will be a good laugh.”

The game starts at 2pm and will finish with a penalty shoot-out, followed by a barbecue on the fields.

Keith, a machine driver from Moss Lane in Leyland, added: “The kids used to watch us play, so it’s great that they still have an interest in football.

“I don’t know how many will be on the youth team – I think there’s about 15, but the kids are keeping things quiet for now. I think they will surprise us.

“We’ve just got the word out on Facebook mainly.

“Most of us guys keep in touch but we don’t see each other very often, so it should be a really good day.”

Adult players are donating £10 to the charity, while the juniors are each putting £5 in.

There will also be collection buckets and a raffle, and the event is being sponsored by Travel Circle in Longridge, and Campbells Caravans.