Alastair Taylor's golfing tips - the down-swing

Alastair Taylor - golf tips
Alastair Taylor - golf tips
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Many golfers struggle with their down-swing, but it is the initial movement that starts the down-swing that is the key.

Most golfers are aware that the lower-body should start the down-swing, but they don’t seem to get it right.

While the hips do need to turn out of the way, there also needs to be a slight movement of the hips towards the target.

The key is that we have lateral rotation of the hips which then allows the upper body and arms to move the club on to the correct swing plane and give the golfer a good swing path through impact.

When a golfer simply turns their hips the weight will be trapped on the back leg and it becomes very difficult to deliver the club with any power and accuracy.

So make sure that once you get to the top of your back-swing allow the hips to move slightly towards the target before you turn the hips out of the way.

Put this into your swing and enjoy longer and straighter shots.