Barracudas making a splash

Leyland Barracudas Swimmers
Leyland Barracudas Swimmers

Gillian Rankin, chief coach at Leyland Barracudas Swimming Club, had her young Micro A swimmers all fired up for the opening match of the season.

Fleetwood, Carnforth A and Preston A were the opposition at Fleetwood’s pool.

Leyland got off to a superb start during the first eight relay events taking four first places and three second spots.

Both the nine-year-old girls, Lucy Hollings, Emma Fisher, Erin Lee-Smith, Annie Pearce and boys’ teams, Alexander Dillon, Oliver Pearce, Lewis Pugh and Kyle McKenna, touched home first in the freestyle relay.

The 11-year-old girls’ team of Ellie Cameron, Rebecca Handley, Lucy Handford and Morgan Gaskell-French won their freestyle relay event, while the 12-year-old boys’ – Brandon Davies, Ben Martin, Nathan Coll and Johnny Rowland – stormed home to win the medley relay.

In the individual events, Kyle McKenna, nine, eased home first in the 25m butterfly and 25m backstroke events and 12-year-old Nathan Coll won the 50m freestyle and 50m backstroke events.

Other winners were nine-year-olds Emma Fisher and Alexander Dillon in the 25m freestyle, Jacob Hughes, 10, in the 50m freestyle, 11-year-old Ellie Cameron in the 50m backstroke, and Johnny Rowland, 11, in the 50m freestyle.

Leyland dominated the relay events, winning five out of eight and coming second in the other three.

The 10-year-old girls and boys teams of Ella Snaylam, Anna Dutton, Grace Thomson, Pia Murray, Jacob Hughes, Kyo Tanner, Ben Porter and Aiden Moore all swam great legs in the freestyle relay event to touch home first.

The 12-year-old boys also won the freestyle relay, as did the 12-year-old girls team of Lucy Newton, Lucy Randell, Isabel Cockerham and Maggie Stock.

And to cement the dominance of the Leyland swimmers in freestyle, the cannon team – Lucy Hollings, Kyle McKenna, Anna Dutton, Jacob Hughes, Morgan Gaskell-French, Johnny Rowland, Lucy Newton and Ben Martin – struck gold to rapturous applause.

Other swimmers, who also were part of the team, were Amy Taylor, Nicholas Massey, Christopher Smith and Ellie Pearson.