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Angie Burton
Angie Burton

After working for 12 years, as a Media Sales Executive selling advertising space switched dies, write Karishma Patel.

After working for 12 years, as a Media Sales Executive selling advertising space switched dies, write Karishma Patel.

She had set up a range of events, from wedding fairs to car shows and even overseas property fairs.

And on Sunday she is hosting Preston City Wedding and Vintage Fair at Preston Masonic Vintage Hall, between 11.30am and 4pm.

She explains: “In my previous job I wasn’t just offering advice on advertising.

“I always had an affinity with the local business community.

“This is probably because I had two hairdressing salons in Chorley myself, prior to changing occupations and direction after my divorce.

“I can understand and relate to the problems of becoming a successful business owner and felt I could help others.

“By this time I was in my 50s and decided when I left LEP this is exactly what I wanted to do and RC Events and Marketing was born.”

The company’s first client was called Salsa Kingdom and working with them taught Angie the in-depth skills needed within the promotion side of advertising. In turn, she helped Salsa Kingdom create a huge festival in Southport, which also included a West End Show and was hugely successful.

Not bad for a first attempt.

She says: “Bringing 52 dancers and artists into Southport from USA was a challenging but rewarding experience.

“We also organised dance workshops during the day and I was responsible for sourcing the venues and making business deals with local business companies.

“Initially, finding a venue was proving to be quite difficult. This is because all the well-known venues already had companies doing their wedding fairs. This was a blessing in disguise as it forced me to look towards the unusual.

“I used Botany Bay, The Vincent hotel in Southport and Kilhey Court-Dantes, but then came across Preston’s vintage Masonic Hall.

“I did the first big wedding fair here and then the second, which turned out to be even better. It was then that I decided I wasn’t going to swap venues and I would build the biggest wedding and vintage fair in Preston.

“The Masonic Hall has proved to be the perfect venue for Angie’s venture, with catwalk collections being shown in a chandeliered ballroom and enough rooms to hold many stands with different stalls and activities.

The itinerary for the event includes everything from traditional and vintage bridal collections being showcased on a red carpet catwalk, opened by our very own Miss Preston; vintage hair and make-up demonstrations from different eras and even vintage entertainment.

The events entertainment includes its very own Micheal Buble, played by Peter D Hill, a professional singer who also developed the entertainment for the event; and a talented, young lounge singer, Ella Coleman.

As for refreshments, Vintage Tea Room providing cakes and desserts will be open all day.

It has all been a bit of a whirlwind since Angie left her previous job, she says:

“All this and I am now 63 years old and have the energy of a 30 year old .My attitude has always been if you don’t succeed try, try and try again.

“We are hoping to keep growing the event until it hopefully becomes one of the biggest in our area.

“We are constantly trying to find new ways to make our events interesting and make sure we can offer more and more each time.’

Tickets: £1 on the door

For more information on Preston’s Wedding and Vintage Fair contact Angie Burton at 01257432589