Film review: The Visit

The Visit: PA Photo/Universal.
The Visit: PA Photo/Universal.
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  • Genre: Thriller
  • Certificate: 15
  • Running time: 103 mins
  • Star rating: 4/10

Visit falls down holes in plot

The phenomenal success of The Sixth Sense, the third feature of Indian-born film-maker M Night Shyamalan, was a blessing and a curse.

Subsequent forays into the weird and wonderful have fallen short, with the exception of the unfairly maligned mystery, Unbreakable.

In The Visit Shyamalan embraces the current fad of found footage thrillers to recount an awkward reunion through the lens of a teenage girl making a documentary about her dysfunctional family.

Sadly Shyamalan’s script is pocked with gaping plot holes and preposterous lapses in logic.

In particular, he asks us to accept that one character would be negligent and fail to share a basic yet essential piece of information, in order to engineer the film’s ridiculous final act.

There is no big twist here like The Sixth Sense, just a big shameless cheat that more or less every viewer will spot straightaway.