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Sarah Unsworth with her daughters Chloe and Ruby
Sarah Unsworth with her daughters Chloe and Ruby
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Karishma Patel catches up with Sarah Unsworth ahead of her Mum’s Night Off event in Preston

Ever wondered how celebrities in magazines manage to have babies, lose every ounce of baby weight (if not a little more), make music albums and wake up looking flawless?

I think Beyonce comes to mind.

Has it ever bothered you that these celebrities manage to find the time to go to the gym, and the hairdressers and manage to look glamorous every day of the week?

It probably helps when you have a personal hairdresser and trainer living under your roof, but what about the real mums out there?

Sarah Unsworth, organiser of the special Mum’s Night Off/Ladies Night, believes all mums need a good night out. She said: “There are so many services out there to pamper mums and make them feel amazing, but it’s so hard trying to find time out to do them.

“I want this event to be a place where you can do a bit of everything, under one roof.”

There will be 42 business, including everything from Debenhams’ eyebrow experts to beauticians offering facials.

Ribby Hall, BeautyRooms Preston and Boutique Fulwood will offer beauty treatments and massages.

Mum’s Night Off will be offering a range of different activities from belly dancing to wine tasting and you can even try a cake served by Naked Butlers!

There will be plenty of opportunities for you to give into retail therapy with vintage clothes to home made soap stalls.

Marks and Spencers will also be giving out gift bags and there will be opportunities to tap into your naughty side at the Ann Summers stall.

A photobooth, along with dressing-up clothes ,offers the chance to create silly selfies.

Sarah added: “As much as I love being a mum, I got a tad sick of seeing all the celebrities in magazines who lost baby weight within 24 hours of giving birth and I wonder ed how they found the time to go to the hairdressers and the gym and still look glam.

“Why aren’t they walking round with Wotsits squashed into their trousers and Play Doh in their hair like the rest of us?

“I decided to organise an event for the real mums – a night off, a feelgood event about mums being the best they can be and lots of cheeky treats.

“Lots of mums just don’t have any time for themselves – this event is about having some ‘me’ time.

“It’s a chance to shop and be pampered, while spending times with friends in a relaxed environment”

The event is on Friday, March 21 from 7pm till 10pm at Preston North End and is ticket only (£5). Buy tickets at