My Biggest Bargain... My Ultimate Splurge - Alice Bohannon

Biggest Bargain and Ultimate Splurge Alice Bohannon, 19
Biggest Bargain and Ultimate Splurge Alice Bohannon, 19
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Alice Bohannon a Fine Art student from the University of Central Lanashire loves fashion and art and often gets style inspiration from art books and fashion magazines-such as Vogue and Elle but it doesn’t stop there, she tells Karishma Patel

“My inspiration comes from everyone and everything I see. I guess it just gets stored up and I remember it later!

“I also use blogs for inspiration, my favourite being Paper Fashion. I love this blog as it has the most beautiful fashion illustrations and covered in diamanté and sequins!

“Like a lot of people out there, I have an obsession with Pinterest.. I pin everything from beads to fashion, to artwork and baking.”

The 19-year-old talks about her biggest bargain and splurge items.

My biggest bargain:

“My bargain item is a beautiful coat by ClementsRibeiro (Portobello) which I bought from Tkmax, Preston.

“The coat was originally being sold for around £350-£400, but I bought it for £30! Big save!’

“I wear this coat with my dark wash jeans and booties and a dark T-shirt.

“I love this coat because it’s so unusual, the colours are so pretty and I love the stitched embellishing. It’s a nice length too!’

My biggest splurge:

“My biggest splurge is actually a group of items I bought from my favourite brand, Chanel.

“My favourite items are the lipsticks, as I wear these every single day!

“I buy them from Selfridges in Manchester.

“Although I have bought a few types of their lipsticks, I always go back to Rouge Coco Shine; these lipsticks are usually priced around £30 each.

“Other splurge items include my bottles of Chanel number 5,this is my favourite scent.

“One bottle of Chanel costs £95 and I have worn this since I was 14 and I don’t think I’ll ever stop!

“Although it is expensive, it is so worth the buy!”

When asked about her style, Alice says she likes to mix it up a lot.

“I think my style changes every day, some days I wear black jeans with a leather jacket and other times I wear dresses with heels or a pencil skirt and blazer.

“I can never decide on one style and keep wearing it!”

Alice loves to shop on the high street with TK Maxx, Topshop and River Island being her favourite shops.

“I also like to shop vintage especially in Manchester specifically Aflex palace, it is an incredible collection of shops!

“What can’t you do there?

“You can buy vintage handbags, get your teeth whitened, or go for a cup of tea and a slice of cake.

“It’s like a maze of everything you’ve ever wanted to look at I have so many clothes and bags from there.”

Bags are Alice’s weak point and she just can’t get enough of them!

“I have so many bags!

“I have that many, they are even in my little sister Molly’s room!

“I’ve run out of space in my room to store them.

“A lot of them are vintage, but some are new.

“Many are from my favourite shop TKMaxx!

“I also have lots that have been given to me as presents that I wear a lot!”

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