Curry house is right on the money

Kashti Restaurant, Broadgate, Preston
Kashti Restaurant, Broadgate, Preston
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Kashti, Broadgate, Preston

I like a good deal – especially the kind that involves food.

So when I headed to the Kashti Indian on Broadgate I was 
hoping for a good one.

A sign outside reads ‘Now Open’, but a quick chat with a waiter revealed the eatery has actually been open for 18 months.

They do however have a new bar, Bar 13, just upstairs from the restaurant.

It was a shame that we didn’t have more time to take a look, but our hungry 
stomachs were leading us straight to the restaurant.

On our way in I caught sight of an early bird menu.

It was 8pm, so I thought the deal would be long gone.

Luckily, their idea of an early bird runs from 5pm to 10.30pm Monday to Saturday, and from noon to 1.30pm on Sunday.

The meal include poppadoms and chutney, a starter, main course, sides and teas or coffee, all for £9.95.

Now, that’s my kind of deal.

I opted for the deep-fried onion bahji in a mild spicy batter and fresh coriander to start.

The portion was generous and included four bite-size bhajis. All good so far.

My dining partner opted for a mixed kebab, which came with chicken tikka, lamb tikka and a sheek kebab.

He informed me it tasted good, and the speed at which it disappeared 
confirmed that.

For the main course I opted for the chicken samber, a hot and spicy dish with lentils.

My other half chose the chicken tikka dopiaza, a 
medium hot curry with 
onions and spices.

Like most women, I want what I can’t have. So no 
sooner had his plate landed I was reaching over and digging in with my spoon.

My dining partner doesn’t like to share – I should have known better – so it was a good job he enjoyed my samber too.

He prefers his curry hot, and I like to be able to feel my mouth after I eat, so we reached a decent compromise with our two dishes.

On the side we enjoyed a pilau rice, a Kashmiri rice, a portion of chips (extra to the early bid menu), and a fluffy Peshwari naan, stuffed full of almonds, sultanas and coconut.

The main courses were really tasty and we happily worked our way through the mountain of food while surveying the room.

The decor is clean and modern and the friendly waiters have a real rapport with the customers, some of whom were clear regulars, which is great to see.

For a week night the 
restaurant was surprisingly busy and had a nice atmosphere, boosted by authentic Indian music.

We washed our meals down with a bottle of beer for me, a shandy for the fella, and some mineral water to cool us down.

We went out £33.95 
lighter, with our stomachs full, and promising to return to sample the upstairs bar.