Hot pot hot spot proved hot to trot

A Lancashire hot pot was special of the day
A Lancashire hot pot was special of the day
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Broadway Pantry,

Broadway, Fulwood

It started with a hot pursuit, literally.

Just as we were set to speed off with our lunch we were flagged down by a frantic woman.

We’d ‘stolen’ two cheese-filled baked spuds.

You might wonder how we couldn’t distinguish two fluffy potatoes from a ham and egg butty by weight – but you didn’t see the young blonde amply filling our barmcake.

It was without doubt as heavy a piece of lunch as you need.

Not mine, but I am a covetous man. For the sandwich, not the lady.

I needn’t have worried. My Lancashire hot spot, the special of the day, was special.

A thick and buttery crust, vegetables and chunks of melting beef in a rich, thick sauce, topped with lashings of red cabbage.

If this is what fed the county’s industrial revolution, then it was as important as the cotton, railways and waterways.

What those hoary hands of old will never have fed upon was a quiche and salad but had such a dainty dinner been required then the Broadway Pantry has a value offering.

For £2 the salad was excellent with a crisp potato salad and the tastiest of pasta twirls. The quiche was a wee bit limp although marks are awarded for using real cuts of ham and not processed meat in the mix.

The syndicate member who was awarded the remaining - and legitimate - baked potato, was suitably impressed. Not the biggest example of spud, but perfectly cooked, with crispiness to the skin and a light, fluffy interior.

There was plenty of cheese on top - half of which had melted into that creamy state of loveliness when it starts to stretch off the fork and misbehave. Definitely a hit.

A further diner was handed an ham and egg barm which he later claimed was of a quality likely to please the King of Kings – God – himself.

The bread was soft as a sigh, the ham hand-carved and plentiful, and the huge blob of egg was terrific.