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The Wheatsheaf at Croston
The Wheatsheaf at Croston
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The Wheatsheaf at Croston is a great spot to enjoy a spot of great beer

Trust me on this, there are many worse places to be in this world than comfortably arranged on a bench in the beer garden of The Wheatsheaf at Croston with a pair of pints on the horizon one bright warm early afternoon in April.

Located on a sweeping bend along the main route through town, the whitewashed pub sits pretty at the forefront of a wide airy space, a plot of depth which also boasts a half-decent looking pizzeria and a second hostelry of well-earned repute no more than 50 unsteady steps to the rear.

Find yourself at repose here, particularly in circumstances as outlined, and is hard to concieve of any good reason to up sticks and head elsewhere. Ever.

A course of action which first occurred to me about half a gill into my first pint, a Pipe Dream from the George Wright Brewing Company, above.

A golden pale ale with a tangy citrus nose – and unmistakable taste of grapefruit – leaving a dry clean mouth behind, this proved a fleeting encounter, and it was with heavy heart that I hoved back to the bar and pondered my stupid idea of sampling two different ales in each pub, when a further Pipe Dream was all I then desired. From the remaining three pumps I chose Rooster’s Yankee, a US-style pale ale brewed in Knaresborough, which soon put such woes to the back of my head. Creamy head, amber body, tropical fruit up your nose as you savour floral bitter and sour.

Lovely well kept beers, both.

Cool and spacious inside, with a decent line of costly but (we ate) fair priced food, well worth a visit.

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