Leyland actress makes her Coronation Street debut

Leyland actress Lorraine Hodgson plays Tina's mother Ann on Coronation Street
Leyland actress Lorraine Hodgson plays Tina's mother Ann on Coronation Street

A Leyland actress who made her debut on Coronation Street this week is already hoping of landing her dream job full time.

Lorraine Hodgson has hit our screens as Ann, the absent mother of Tina McIntyre, played by Michelle Keegan, who turns up after the barmaid was found dead.

Lorraine, 43, will be in the long-running soap for three weeks - but is hoping she might get to stay a bit longer.

She said: “Ann comes in to sort out the funeral arrangements and Rita takes her under her wing.

“It all kicks off at the funeral, but I can’t say too much.

“Barbara (Knox) and the rest of the cast were fantastic to work with.”

It’s a great role for Lorraine, who will be centre stage as the murder grips Weatherfield, with the main characters left to guess who the killer is.

In the aftermath of the murder, with the finger of blame pointing at four main suspects, including Carla, fans will see a flurry of familiar faces returning to Coronation Street.

However, the police continue to focus on Carla as their prime suspect and take her in for further questioning.

Carla does’t help herself by getting drunk and criticising Tina in front of Ann, before worrying that she will be blamed for the murder.

Self-confessed Corrie fan Lorraine said: “It was amazing being on set; everybody is so hard-working.

“I was really lucky, I got to shoot really great scenes with all the main characters.

“One of the first scenes I shot was in the Rovers with Rita and Dennis. It was nerve -racking but exciting.”

Although she lives in London now, Lorraine describes herself as “Northern at heart.”

She attended Leyland’s Wellfield High and Blackpool Performing Arts College before leaving Lancashire to study at the Webber Douglas Academy of Dramatic Art in London.

She added: “I have always been in acting, it is not always easy, but I’ve followed it through.”

She’s previously worked in her home county, starring alongside former Emmerdale star Lisa Riley and lads’ mag favourite Abi Titmuss as a pole dancer in The Naked Truth at the Preston Charter Theatre – “the most fun role I’ve ever taken on.”

Although people do not recognise her in the street at the moment, that may change after her role as Tina’s mum in Corrie.

She described the role as “emotionally draining”, but she added: “I got into the role easily by trying to put myself into character’s position, even though I am not a mother myself.”

Viewers already know the killer - Carla’s brother Rob, who was angry at Tina’s affair with his sister’s husband Peter - so Lorraine doesn’t have too many secrets to pass on to the Guardian.

But she did say: “Ann doesn’t suspect Rob at all, she knows that things have gone on, but she’s not sure about what has gone on.

“Tina’s mum has drifted apart from Tina, she feels guilty for not being there and for not making an effort with her and now it is too late.

“She is really upset, down and grieving.”

“She’s a single mum, from out of town who is told of Tina’s death and feels guilty about the lack of effort she had put in with her daughter.

“Ann has a soft, vulnerable side, but she is quite hard underneath too, someone not to be messed with.”

Teasingly, Lorraine revealed: “There is one particular scene to watch out for, but I can’t say anymore about it.”

The role will last for around three weeks, but when asked whether she would like to go back to Coronation Street after this, Lorraine replied: “Of course, I’d go back!”, before joking: “Get tweeting! Bring Tina’s mum back.”

Whatever happens on The Street, the future for Lorraine looks bright.

She has a couple of castings for television and “lots of other things in the pipeline.”

So what was it like working with a cast of legends?

She said: “I really enjoyed working on Coronation Street, it was great to work with the everyone. They made me feel so welcome and overall it was a great experience.

“I enjoyed every minute of it and would love to go back.”

So you know what to do..get tweeting readers....