Horror film music to ambiance

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The Korova is going all experimental.

It starts with a showcase of experimental music upstairs in Korova’s studio theatre between 7pm and 9pm, with harsh noises and metallic soundscapes of Knifedoutofexistence.

Sam Buist, artistic director of Korova Arts Cafe & Bar, added: “VIIOFIX will be providing noise inflected drone with hints of horror movie soundtracks, quieting down for the ethereal more nature inspired ambiance of Street Thunder. This finishes off with Preston’s very own David Shurr headlining performing ambiance and guitar based music.

“The music will then move downstairs, as we have another night of great Saturday Acoustic music at Korova Arts Café Preston, with three stunning acts mixing genres as easily as we mix our coffee.

“We have some stunning harmonies and superb songs from Country Folk.

“Some ethereal vocals and beautiful piano from August Wildflower, featuring Sharon Cooke and Iain Reddy.

“And the melting pot of musical styles that is Preston’s very own Mobius Loop, including the fine talents of Katie Ryan and Alex O’Hara.

“A mesmerising night of entertainment, in the café at the heart of the city.”

Korova’s night of Experimental Music will start at 7pm and is free.

Saturday Acoustic, is on March 22 at 9pm, at Korova Arts Café & Bar.