How Arcade Fire brought glam to the Empress

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Arcade Fire are one of the biggest bands on the planet while Blackpool Empress is one of the most beautiful and historic venues anywhere.

But the marriage of the two proved a perfect match as husband and wife team Win Butler and Regine Chassange emerged from the enormodomes for this intimate celebration.

Arcade Fire - Blackpool Empress

Arcade Fire - Blackpool Empress

A group of five “giant heads” representing the band, led fans pied piper style through Blackpool streets to start this show, orchestrated by the strains of a mariachi band – the one from the Doritos ad, no less.

Asked to turn out in formal or fancy dress, the crowd responded magnificently, and the faded elegance of the Empress, chandeliers strung with graceful strings of lights, became the scene of the freakiest masquerade ball ever.

The honoured guests - this rare opportunity to see Arcade Fire up close sold out in mere minutes with no-one fooled by the “Reflektors” tag - were showered with party favours of carnival masks and glowsticks, by the band.

And they became a part of the incredible spectacle as glowsticks flew like multicoloured fireflies, hurled by the exuberant fans.

A bold departure, new album Reflektor has been awkwardly received as have the band’s demand for audiences to dress to impress. But live at the Empress, both made perfect sense.