Pioneering guitarist exploring new frontier at Blackpool bar

Uli Jon Roth
Uli Jon Roth
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Uli Jon Roth will be embarking on a 14-date headline tour next month.

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For over four decades, Uli Jon Roth has forged new frontiers in the world of guitar, both in terms of approach and style.

He even managed to invent the sky-guitar, a six octave lead instrument that remains unparalleled.

And he’ll be bringing that expertise to Blackpool’s Waterloo Music Bar on Thursday, December 21.

Before he started to explore the creative worlds of music, philosophy and art, Uli Jon Roth was a member of European rock giants The Scorpions, a band with which he helped create a new path in hard rock music.

Venerated for his originality and dynamism at the time, in 2013 Roth found himself intrigued by the memory of those early days which began 40 years ago, and specifically by the music he helped write, perform and occasionally sing on the albums Fly To The Rainbow, In Trance, Virgin Killer and Taken By Force.

Look out for a set including hits from his illustrious catalogue.