Smash it upstairs at the Adelphi

Nihilism Incarnate
Nihilism Incarnate
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Preston’s Adelphi puts hard rock front and centre at Samshfest this Sunday July 27, 2014.

Organisers Nihilistic Promotions are promising to brings a day of unbridled musical chaos to the city

They added: “Smashfest features some of the best home grown, breaking and established extreme UK acts.

“A molotov cocktail of hardcore, death, sludge and grind to satisfy even the most ardent patron.”

Strictly for 18 and over only the noise begins from 2pm.

Tickets £5 up front, £7 on the door.

Playing on the day are:

Corrupt Moral Altar

Corrupt Moral Altar’s meteoric rise is only as incredible as it is justified.

Recently signed to Season of Mist and their debut album ‘Mechanical Tides’ due to arrive in July Corrupt Moral Altar are nothing short of staggering.

Set to hit mainland Europe in Autumn and no doubt the world after that; CMA’s bastardized brew of sludge infested bone crunching grind has to been witnessed to be believed.

Foetal Juice

One of the country’s best Death Metal bands. Staggering live.... Riffs. Blasts.


Probably one of the most talked about bands in the UK right now, Leed’s Famine effortlessly combine hardcore hooks with grindcore speed to create a sound thats nothing short of breathtaking. Destined for big things. And rightly so. Famine are incredible.

Gets Worse

Leeds powerviolence powerhouse Gets Worse. Unbridled aggression. Heaviness and Benj booze abstinence. Utterly crushing.


Prestons brutal sons Deathtrip combine crushing riffs guttural vocals and hypnotic rhythms. Tight live and twice as scary, Deathtrip destroy whenever they play. Recent finalists of Preston’s M2TMs.

Nihilism Incarnate

Another of Prestons heavyweights. Having rubbed shoulders with Exhumed, Hour of Penance, Cancerous Womb and not to mention Corrupt Moral Altar.

Nihilism Incarnate’s punishing rhythms, crushing distortion and progressive song structures devastate wherever they play.

All Consumed

Preston’s All Consumed are already causing quite a stir. Their volatile mix of Death Metal/ Grind and Crust is nothing short of pulverising.

Siege Mentality

Caustic abrasive hardcore featuring members of Iron Witch. Ferocious and unrelenting. Prepare for paint to peel and ears to bleed!