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Mike Peters
Mike Peters
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The idea of the rock ‘n’ roll survivor has become a cliche – but Mike Peters fits the bill more than most.

The former lead singer of 1980s pop punk rebels The Alarm has twice survived cancer to continue playing and touring to fans all over the world.

Following on from his successful Declaration Tour 2014, Mike will visit Preston next month to present a solo version of classic Alarm album Strength at The Continental in Broadgate.

The band’s career best-selling album, celebrates its 30th anniversary this year.

Mike will present and reimagine the record, using performance, stories and images to honour the legacy it left on the decade it helped define and the continuing significance it holds for listeners who can still relate to its timeless themes of love, hope and strength.

Mike is emerging as one of the highest profile advocates and activists for those living with and beating cancer around the world.

Over the last four years, his Love Hope Strength Foundation has found more than 1,100 potentially life-saving bone marrow donor matches; built the first ever children’s cancer centre in Tanzania; supported the Bhaktapur Cancer Center in Nepal with life-saving equipment and registered over 70,000 donors through its Get On the List programme.

By turning rock concerts into life-saving events, more than 10,000 international recording artists, including Robert Plant of Led Zeppelin, Frank Turner and The Levellers, now support the charity by allowing bone marrow registries at their concerts.

Mike Peters comes to The Continental to present Strength on Wednesday, March 18.

Doors open at 8pm and tickets are £15.

They are available from the venue (01772 499 425) and Action Records (01772 884 772), or online from SEE Tickets and Skiddle.

For more details see or follow @newcontinental on Twitter.