We Are Scientists return to show fans the art of making great pop

We Are Scientists
We Are Scientists

US popsters We Are Scientists came back to Preston’s 53 Degrees this week to show their city fans their new album - and their new drummer, former Razorlight powerhouse Andy Burrows.

US trio We Are Scientists have sold out virtually every date on this intimate tour to kick off their new album - and their show at 53 Degrees this week was no exception.

Preston is a place they seem to feel at home, having played here many times over the years, everywhere from tiny acoustic shows at Action Records and Church Street’s Kolor Bar to selling out 53’s 2,000 capacity main room downstairs.

This time, they’re upstairs, packing out the smaller club room on this trailblazing tour to show off their third album, Barbara.

They’re also unveiling new drummer Andy Burrows, formerly of Razorlight, who adds a whole new underlining rhythmic force to their insanely hooky tunes.

It must be hard work being in a band with two such old friends as singer Keith Murray and bassist Chris Cain though.

They intersperse tunes with surreal banter, so deeply on the same wavelength that they finish each other’s sentences like an old married couple.

Tonight, they seem obsessed with their audience going to Pizza Express “where all the hot girls are” -although they later claim this is a test of fans loyalty.

They show off plenty of the new album, of which I Don’t Bite and Nice Guys make the biggest impression.

But the rest of the setlist is an education in just how many instantly recognisable gems they have - After Hours, Nobody Move, Nobody Get Hurt, This Scene Is Dead, It’s A Hit - that gets the whole place jumping and singing