No Ego required for mudlark

No Ego Challenge Mud Races
No Ego Challenge Mud Races
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Fancy getting cold, muddy and tackling a challenge designed by some of Britain’s elite fighting men?

No Ego Challenge Mud Races return to the Leisure Lakes at Mere Brow, Tarleton, on Saturday May 10.

This is the toughest No Ego Challenge in our series of races; a high adrenaline 10km trek across tough, muddy terrain designed to test strength, stamina and determination.

Along the way runners encounter more than 30 gruelling obstacles and challenges including ‘The Mangle’, the ‘Tunnel of Mud’ and ‘Getting Tyred’.

No Ego worked with ex-marine commando outdoor training company ‘Go Commando Fitness’ to make this the mother of all assault courses!

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