Restaurant review: Charnock Farm Restaurant and Bar

Charnock Farm
Charnock Farm
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With the busy lifestyles we all face today, when you can kill two birds with one stone, you get a great sense of satisfaction at having successfully multi tasked.

This thought definitely entered my mind when we paid a visit to Charnock Farm Restaurant and Bar.

With a garden centre, cafe and small children’s petting farm all surrounding the converted barn restaurant, there’s certainly no shortage of things to do.

We paid a family visit when the Sunday lunch menu is served all day priced at £11.50 for one course, £14.50 for two and £16.50 for all three.

As we were with our two children, we were pleased to discover that younger ones could have smaller portions of all the same courses for roughly £6 apiece.

We were impressed at how beautiful the restaurant interior is. It manages to combine cosiness with a spacious and airy feel and is modern and well decorated while having a rustic charm.

While the set sunday menu doesn’t have an abundance of choice, all the options sound a notch above your usual roast and Hubby and I chose the Lancashire cheese bon bons served on a bed of crispy leeks while our children both went for the chicken and ham hock terrine served with crostini and piccalilli on the side.

On spying our children’s terrine and the fresh crostini, I felt a pan of jealousy as it looked a superb starter – and was such a generous portion, it looked like an adult one.

Our Lancashire cheese bon bons were amazing. The two crispy balls oozed out tangy melted cheese and onion and were served on the tastiest leeks I have experienced, lightly coated in batter with a crisp and slightly sweet flavour.

The chicken and ham terrine was a hit with our twosome with its succulent chunks of meat which went well with the toasted crostini.

Main courses were equally as successful for all of us.

I chose the roast sirloin of beef roast dinner while Keith had the roast turkey with chipolatas and the children had smaller portions of the roast beef.

Again, we were struck by the generosity of the children’s meal - which was great for us as our two have hearty appetites.

The beef was cooked perfectly and was melt-in-your mouth. It came served on a mound of some of the nicest roast potatoes I’ve had - golden and crispy on the outside and soft and tasty on the inside.

A sizeable Yorkshire pudding completed the plateful and the gravy was absolutely gorgeous and full of flavour.

Keith’s roast turkey also got the thumbs up. There were several slices and the meat was tender and came with a chipolata and stuffing.

The children’s meals came ready served with a good amount of vegetables while Hubby and I received a large bowl full of carrots, beans and cauliflower to share between us.

After such a lovely roast, we were all actually quite full, but greedily decided we could still manage dessert.

Hubby and the children chose the chocolate brownie served with vanilla bean ice-cream while I had the fruit cheesecake served with a tangy fruit compote and vanilla ice-cream. The cheesecake was nice and creamy and went well with the ice-cream.

Keith thought his dessert was the only low point of the meal. While it tasted fine, he felt it lacked the wow factor of the rest of the courses.

But there were no complaints from the children though – chocolate and ice-cream… what’s not to like?

After enjoying such a delicious roast, we couldn’t help wishing every day was Sunday.

But with a lunchtime menu advertising two courses for £10 during the week and two for one cocktails on a Thursday, there is plenty to draw us back any day.


Name: Charnock Farm Restaurant and Bar

Address: Wigan Road, Leyland, PR25 5DA

Contact: 01772 622934