Restaurant review: Happy Village, Chorley

Happy Village
Happy Village
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I’ve always been a fan of Happy Village Cantonese restaurant.

In fact, quite a few of the Guardian staff enjoy the eatery on Market Street as we have had two Christmas nights out there.

On each occasion, I’ve never been disappointed and this visit was no different.

Myself and Kerri decided to go on a Saturday night and just to make sure we didn’t have any problems, we booked a table for 8.30pm.

We ate much later than usual that night as I had to return from New Mills after covering Bamber Bridge FC.

As we walked in, our table was set and there were a few parties still eating.

For drinks, I ordered a bottle of Tsingtao while Kerri had a glass of red wine.

After a short glance at the menu we were ready to order.

For starters, we shared a mixed platter.

It came with seaweed, crispy won tons, spring rolls, salt and pepper wings and barbecue ribs.

The mixed platter was excellent, everything was well cooked and I particularly liked the ribs.

The sauce didn’t dominate but there was still plenty of flavour.

The won tons and spring rolls both came packed with filling.

Sometimes I’ve had both starters at other places and it seems they ration the filling, but not here at Happy Village.

We again decided to share two main course, I ordered a special curry while Kerri had crispy shredded sweet chilli chicken.

As a side, we ordered egg fried rice plus salt and pepper chips.

I really enjoyed the curry, it had a bit of a kick to it and if anything I would have preferred it slightly spicier.

But that’s taking nothing away and it’s purely down to preference.

It came packed with pork, chicken and beef as well as several prawns.

The sweet chilli chicken again was well cooked, the sauce was quite tangy with the occasional taste of chilli.

There was plenty of sauce which ensured it wasn’t dry when mixed with the rice.

During the meal, I ordered a pint of Fosters whileKerri had a bottle of Chinese beer.

During the night the service was excellent and I would recommend the restaurant to all Chinese food lovers.

The bill came to £39.90, which was very reasonable for excellent food.