Brutal vision of Bogus Krissi

Krissi Bohn in the Bogus Woman
Krissi Bohn in the Bogus Woman
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A former Coronation Street actress portrays more than 50 characters in a one-woman play at The Dukes in Lancaster on September 9.

Krissi Bohn, who played Jenna Kamara in the soap, returns to The Bogus Woman seven years after it was seen by more than 3,500 people during a sell-out run in Keswick.

The Bogus Woman tells the experiences of a young African woman who arrives in England, fleeing for her life and seeking asylum.

Despite having committed no crime she is indefinitely confined, interrogated, humiliated and abused.

She witnesses the cruelty of the authorities and their casual disregard for an individual’s human rights.

In the space of 80 minutes Bohn transforms herself into soldiers, immigration officials, detention centre staff, fellow asylum seekers, do-gooders, lawyers and many others.

As the asylum debate continues to rage, this powerful, play, which kicks off The Dukes autumn drama season, is as relevant as when first produced.

Krissi Bohn has received critical acclaim for The Bogus Woman which is a world away from her role as the daughter of cab firm owner, Lloyd Mullaney in Coronation Street.

The play contains strong language and scenes unsuitable for anyone under 16.

There will be a post show talk after the performance which is free to ticketholders. Tickets £13/£11(concs). Balcony standing tickets £5.

For more information and to book, call 01524 598500 or see