Controversial cockney plays it for laughs

Comedian: Eddy Brimson
Comedian: Eddy Brimson
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A self-confessed former football hooligan, who once torched Frank Butcher’s car lot in EastEnders, headlines this Sunday’s Lancaster Comedy Club.

Eddy Brimson, an Eastender with a colourful past, has written a host of anecdotal books, penned and hosted a top three selling video, Teargas and Tantrums, and is also a regular ‘talking head’ for numerous radio and TV shows. He has also appeared on Absolutely Fabulous, The Thin Blue Line, Casualty, The Bill, and the aforementioned role in EastEnders as a firestarter.

Also on the bill will be Andrew Watts, Katie Mulgrew and MC Phil Ellis.

Lancaster Comedy Club is held every Sunday at 8pm at The Borough, Dalton Square. Contact the venue for details.