Ed’s got the spoilers for family life and politics in new show

Comedian Ed Byrne
Comedian Ed Byrne
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Comedian Ed Byrne comes to the Fylde tomorrow, with tickets still remaining for his Lowther Pavilion show.

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Past tours have earned him slots on shows such as Mock The Week, The One Show and All Star Mr & Mrs, while his love of hillwalking resulted in him writing a regular column for The Great Outdoors magazine.

Offering a taste of what’s to come, the Irish comic shares his belief that the current breed of parents spoil their kids rotten, comparing old-school and 21st century child-rearing.

“My dad wasn’t a bad dad, he was just a 1970s dad,” he says. “I could never see my children ever again from this moment on, and I’ve already done more parenting than he did in my entire life.

“I’d still say you are expected to do a lot more parenting than our parents did and that’s a weird thing because you tend to think that your parents are where you learned parenting from.

But you don’t, really, it’s more that you look around you to see what’s going on with other parents.”

Tickets on 01253 794221.