Heard the one about a secret gig?

Dave Spikey
Dave Spikey
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Pssst, whisper it quietly but you can see Dave Spikey’s new tour before it starts – and at reduced cost.

The Chorley funnyman is bringing his A Work In Progress to Darwen Library Theatre on Friday, October 3 at 7.30pm

This is a warm-up gig and a work in progress – hence the lower ticket price!

Punchline. Def: The final part of a joke, speech or funny story intended to provoke laughter or thought or both.

Punchlines generally derive their humour from being unexpected – “Punch” indicating that the “Line” should come as a surprise or shock.

There is a school of thought that suggests very few Punchlines are inherently funny out of context.

There is another school of thought (actually Dave’s school of thought) that the opposite can be true.

In this show he will present evidence to support this.

Examples include: - “Where do you want your blinds?” / “It’s not my dog” / “Isn’t that some kind of fancy liquor?” / That’s my Thermos flask”.

Then of course there are Nuns. Nuns in baths, Nuns on bikes and Prince Charles wearing a Fox hat.

Dave will also argue that you don’t always need a punchline for a joke to be hilarious and suggests that if you doubt him, you should ask the bloke with the big orange head next time you see him.

All Tickets: £15